What My Mental Stream is About

Hello and welcome to My Mental Stream.  You can call me MMS or Stream.

This little blog of mine that you are reading is all about me. I am at a point in my life where I have reached a crossroads. Sounds unbelievably cliché, but it is the truth. The crossroad is not a simple go left or go right, it is more like the degrees on a semi-circular protractor, 180 options all leading forward, but which one is right for me.

I am hoping that by pouring out my thoughts , opinions and creative outbursts about the world I live in and my experiences will help me decide where and what I will do with my future, and how to get there.

Failing that maybe typing out my emotions and putting them out into the universe will help me retain some sanity in a world where everything is in the grey and I am a black and white kind of guy. I’ll admit I am starting to get used to the grey, but it is a work in progress. If you are reading this I hope you enjoy what you read, please comment, like and subscribe, and as always, have nice day*.

*If you got that paraphrased reference, you are awesome!! 😀

6 thoughts on “What My Mental Stream is About

  1. It’s almost like I wrote this! We are in the same point of life, right now. Crossroads! I like that word. Thank you liking my poems and commenting, I really appreciate it, especially since I’m new around here!

    • We have all been the new person so don’t worry. Just giving you a warm welcome and I really do like your work. I am hardly a big blogger, though I am a regular one, or try to be anyway. I hope everyone else makes you feel welcome here, there are some lovely folks about! x

  2. Similar to why I started my blog–congrats! I have been writing a little over a month and have found the practice advances my thoughts. Likely it is because writing is another way to “talk it out.” With yourself .and anyone who is listening:-)

    • It has been my outlet for 2 or so years. It has morphed from being just an outlet to somewhere I share things I find interesting, a processing point, somewhere I ask advice and somewhere I get an ego boost by looking at stats (that is a negative one, but it is something that I do look at).
      If you don’t mind me asking, how did you find my blog?

      • That is the beauty of blogging! I have set up a few key word searches in my Reader and your blog popped up. I was catching on several so I cannot remember the source but will let you know if you pop up again:-)

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