The Lady and I

While were were FWB this song would be on a lot around us in the car or whenever we happened to be anywhere where music was played.  It was an inappropriate song so have for the situation we were in, but every time I hear this song I think of her.  Especially this version, because it is more upbeat than the original.

I have spent the last three nights with her, which included a film evening, a walk in the park, some shopping and a considerable amount of unclothed time.  It was really great to talk to her and just relax.  One of the films we watched was Fight Club as she had never seen it before.  I felt the need to educate her on it.  She then asked me some questions and I answered with regards to my past and how my brain used to work when I have been in darker mind frames.  She asked if I knew people who had dealt with these kind of issues and if my own experience had been helpful.  Yes and no was my response.

I dealt with a fair bit of it before my head went a little crazy, but I dealt with less of it as I went past it myself.  Either way I know more about myself from it, as well as a better understanding of how to help people who may be suffering.

I am happy.  I may feel isolated at work at times, I may feel like I am struggling with some of my family stuff.  I may even feel like money is tighter than usual and I need one solid month where I do not need to give my family money to get myself back on track.  However I feel pretty good with The Lady.  That is positive enough for me right now.



Mixed Feeling Songs

These are just four of the songs that when I hear them with a group I am ok, but when I am along they make me feel uncomfortable and sad.  I have to change the tracks.  It makes me think of the passing of time, how things are moving on and it makes me miss the past.

I know that sounds stupid, I know I should be happy to be leaving those bad things behind and looking at the positive future which I am moving towards, however I am a nostalgic person.  I hold onto my memories as no matter what, no one can take these from me.  They are mine.  I write to forget, but I write to chronicle and remember also.  This is me doing that right now


New Job, FWB and Life

So it has been a little while since I wrote an update to what has been going on.  Here are the basics

I got put up for a promotion at work for which I had to do an interview.  I am the level below the job, but at a big store so it would be a step up for me to get it.  The person I am against the the level above the job, so would be stepping down to take it, but it is in a much harder store so would be better pay and more of a challenge.  She had more experience than me, but guess what, I smashed it.  They were impressed by my prep work, as well as my passion for the brand and my turn out.  Who knew I am articulate and can actually sell myself when I am honest about my motivations and my goals.

My FWB has been very fun.  We have been meeting up once or twice a week now and it is good.  I saw her two nights in a row and she had a great time by all accounts.  I am the first guy she has been with to give her an orgasm through penetrative sex, and I can understand why, but I won’t go into the details, this is a reasonably family friendly blog! By leaving my job she will no longer be next door to me so it will be more difficult to meet her, but it will distance us, which is good as she is concerned she may develop feelings.  Also, apparently unusually, her tennant in her house likes me because I can chat crap with him, and her best friend described me as “well spoken and not her usual type”.  Her best friend also appologised to me as she had texted me off the FWB’s phone and said some things which made me sound like I was not performing in my duties, but she was being a wind up artist.  I took it seriously and questioned the FWB later on, and she explained the joke, and actually got the best friend to appologise when she met me because she realised I am not a complete dickhead, nor am I bad at what I do.  There was curiosity in her eyes, but I am not going to be a dick.

Engaged girl and The RAF guy went for a drive after work one night with one of her friends.  We went for a drink then drama occurred and she is no longer engaged (again).  This one was much harder to do as myself and the RAF guy were with her to talk her down.  She had chemistry with me, as well as having now slept with RAF guy while engaged so it was inevitable that she would break off her engagement.  I woke up at 7 that day, with only 3 hours sleep.  I did a full shift at work and then went out with them and dealt with all their drama, not getting home until 5:30am the next day, where I had to be up a few hours later to get back to work.  I was shattered, but she was ok and so was he, so that is all that matters.

Speaking of the RAF guy, I had him on the phone last night.  He had a minor freak out after basically not sleeping for the last 6 days and is hallucinating, as well as really struggling with a few other demons.  I had to talk him down, as well as give him direct orders as to what he needed to do to get his life back on track.  They were not life changing, but sometimes giving someone a focus can help them power through what they are dealing with, and even help them get past it.

I am growing my beard out again and I like it.  I keep getting compliments on it and it is getting thicker which is always good.  My brother has started his new job at a supermarket to make some money.  What he hasn’t told my parents is that he is deferring a year at university, which will mean he is home for another year.  That will go down badly I suspect, I did not even consider that option when I went as it would have been sacrilegious, but you never know, he always gets away with everything.

This is my current jam.  I play it on repeat and it may not be the best track, but I can zone out to it and work/walk/focus/do whatever to it

I tried to sprint to the bass drop, I nearly died that was so hardcore.

This chick who I have liked the entire time I have been in my location has finally admitted she likes me and has learnt how to be more flirty because of me.  I am outrageous with her, and we get mocked all the time for it.  It is just how we interact.  I picked her brains for advice before my interview as she had just been interviewed by one of the people 2 weeks prior for the same job elsewhere so I wanted her opinions.  I got her into my room and grilled her about interview technique and what he is like, as well as positives to mention.  It got to a point where I was working over my stuff to improve it and she was lying on my bed, so I told her go to sleep and I will wake you up when you need to go, so she did just that.  She napped on my bed while I worked away.  I felt kind of good that she trusted me enough to do that.  She has some body issues as she is what would be described as curvy, but I think she is awesome.  Coincidentally she is the complete opposite of my FWB is short, blonde, blue eyed, skinny, crazy, light skinned and English.  Other one is taller than me, brunette, brown eyes, curvy, shy, olive skinned and half Portuguese and half South African.  I do love mixed girls, they just seem to have something about them which makes me go mmm!

Well this is over 1000 words, time to reign it in.  Thanks again Netty.  Loves


Sex and Belgium

So yesterday turned out to be a very eventful day. The night before I had met some friends and we planned to book a three day adventure to Belgium. Yesterday we actually booked it; flights, 4 star Sheraton Hotel, the works. I am so looking forward to it now. We are going to have so much fun. It will be the RAF guy, The Marine and I. Belgium won’t know what hit it.

Then that evening as it would be, I had got an invite to someone’s house. They asked me to come over the night before but I had plans. I suggested going over yesterday and she agreed. I’m short my dry streak is over, and in a very big way. I won’t bore you with the gory details, but I got there at 10:30pm and left at 10:30am. She was certainly happy when I left and got a taxi home this morning.

Two hours later I walked into work and got straight down into it and stuck in. I was feeling a little sore and my abs were hurting, but it felt good to be working again. An hour later who did I bump into on my way to the stock room…my lady friend. We exchanged smiles and carried on as we were walking in separate directions.

Work is separate from out personal lives so this is being kept on the down low. Basically yesterday was awesome and I am a happy chappy.

Chat again soon Netty


Jimmy and Anne

I am now more so in love with Anne Hathaway than I was already.  If only all Jersey girls were like her and not like I see on Jersey Shore.  She is just….words fail me


Pistol Annies – I Feel A Sin and Hell On Heels

Oh those smokey voices.  Delicious!  I Have a friend at my old uni who whenever I hear any of their stuff it reminds me of her! I saw her when I went back a couple of weeks back and she directed me to this. She sang it for her boyfriend.  Lucky duck! It is a rarity she sings and I have had the pleasure of a private audience so I know how incredible she is.  She did the song justice, that is for sure.

This song is her.  All. Over.  I heard this and she was the very first person who popped into my noggin.  What a nutter!