Audio Blog 6 – I Sound Like Darth Vader With A Cold

Oh my.  My voice is rather deep.  Ladies, control yourselves and form an orderly queue.  Oh I am so droll! Thanks Durham for the title, dickhead.

Make the most of it Netty, my voice rarely reaches these levels unless I am out going nuts and I rarely cut loose like this anyway.  Enjoy babes.


PS If you would like to hear more of my audio logs/bites here is a link to all of them

Audio Blog 2

So this seemed like a good idea! I have uploaded it, no checking back so sorry for offence or anything I say in here.  Hope I don’t come across like too much of a basket case! See you on the other side.


My Southern Accent!

Why I thought this was a good idea I have no clue, but I did and here it is! I might give my Irish accent a crack on here at some point as well, I quite like that one, even if some people laugh at me, I have made a lady or two swoon using it.  May have also done the same speaking French, but that is another conversation for another time!


Four Walls – Spoken Word

Not great in my opinion, but I recorded this a few weeks ago but forgot to upload it.  It is a spoken version of my poem Four Walls which can be seen here.  Hope you like it.  I feel really self-conscious about this one, I don’t know why, but I do.  Feel free to have a listen to the other audio clips as well I have done if curious still.  Enjoy.