It has been 5 months since I last posted on here.  In that time I have become closer to my girlfriend and we have spent a long weekend in Rome together, which was amazing.  My brother has just finished his first year at university.  I have turned 26 years old.  I suppose those are the things of note.

Oh I got a promotion too.  Back to my old store as an experienced supervisor now so more money and considerably less travel.  Ten months at my current store and I am being moved back.  The girl that was a pain to me is now taking my job.  Good for her because I helped her with her interview and everything so I am happy.  She deserves the position.

So I am looking to move out with the lady and we have spoken about it lots.  Once she gets back from holiday with her family this weekend we are really looking at making it a reality.  There is a problem though.  You guessed it money.

I am not using it as a way of getting out of this, because I really want to move in with her.  The problem is my travel costs may frop by £150 and I may have a payrise, however that will not be enough if I move out and have to pay money to her for bills as well as all the money I am giving my parents.  I didn’t move out earlier because of this reason.

Today my step dad asked for money from me, my brother asked me to lend him money, and yesterday my mum asked me to give her more than I do now.  I literally feel like I am a cash cow whom everyone comes to for a quick buck to keep them going.

I do what I do because to because that is what they need of me. But that does not make it any easier. I am struggling with this alot of the time, but I make it work. I am not sure how much longer I can make it work before it starts affecting my progression in life. I am 26 and no where near where I was supposed to be in life, but that is ok. I could keep going, but this drain on my finances is holding me back. I can’t just stop giving them money because then we lose the house, but I need to find a way to bolster my income, or there is going to be a problem.


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