Girls Liking Dickheads

This evening I recieved an impromptu invitation to go out for a drink with my girlfriend and her two best friends (one male, one female FYI).  I said sure, why not and met up with them.  We sat in a pub and all had non alcoholic drinks as three of us had work in the morning and the other girl had to drive.

The drinks were a little jilted and I played two truths and a lie with the other girl, while conversations were held by the others and by different groups.  It was an alright night, but it is what happened as we were walking away to end our evening which annoyed me.

So The Lady and I were walking together as she was getting a lift home and we walk past a club where she points out the guy her best friend is sleeping with.  His baseball cap wearing, do-rag sporting, big chain wearing ugly self did not impress me at all.  What impressed me less is he is early to mid thirties and sleeping with a 22 year old woman.  Did I also mention he is a DJ, so I won’t even start on how there are plenty of stereotypes which is fulfills.

She likes him because of his confidence and he is older, even if he treats her badly, knows she is not the only girl he is screwing and quite frankly there is nothing about him that I find remotely impressive.  That said, she is a big girl so she can make her own decisions.  I just fail to completely understand why women go for arseholes like him.  I have heard it is the confidence, or maybe, it is because he is a “musician” or maybe it is because he is black so she likes her chocolate dark rather than milk or white, but I really cannot see what the attraction is.  I realise this isn’t a very coherent argument, but  for once words are failing me.

As I stood there while he interacted with the two friends of the Lady, he then proceeded to call her a Granny for going home early.  If I wasn’t impressed before, I certainly wasn’t now.  I didn’t bother introducing myself, nor smiling at him and he just stared at me while he talked to the others.  I don’t need to like or impress this guy who I met all of 48 seconds.  I just get a bad vibe off him and think her friend can do so much better than him.

Wow, it is obvious I haven’t written in a while, this is an utterly terrible post.  No coherency or logic whatsoever.  Ah well.  I guess I will just have to live with that.



The year was 2008,
My ponytailed and bearded face gave way to a goatee and shaved head,
My puppy fat melted and under it sinewy yet strong muscles formed,
My heart got broken after three and a half years of bliss,
I found solace in the bottom of a bottle,
I threw away a year of education and failed at university,
I let apathetic anger consume me,
I slept late, I drank early, I phased out constantly,
But at least I wasn’t partaking in other vices,
Those I had stopped at least,
But I found true friends,
I found my body’s limits,
I found a girl who amazed me, and would later become my second love,
I lost family by blood, but I gained family by trust,
I gave up sex and sexual thoughts,
Which only made the pole girls make my life very hard,
I grew from a boy,
But not a man yet,
I stumbled, I struggled,
I crawled back, I conquered,
I started to get back to being me,
All in 2008,
Aged 19.


Thanks to my darling Tis for inspiring me to write this. Her and her Husband are such inspirations. They show how  strength and love overcome anything that may be put in their way. I tip my hat to you both.