Conflicted Allegiances

So dating with the FWB was going really well.  I say FWB, I suppose I shouldn’t call her that anymore.  I will go with A.  A and I have been on three dates, and we never slept with each other after a date until the third one.  We did sleep together in between dates though so that kind of negates the whole thing I would say.

Here comes the dilemma.  The Marine and The RAF Guy work for her.  She is their manager and they do not like her.  They think she is ditsy, incompetent, lacking in managerial experience, naive and immature.  They come to me and bitch and moan about her.  The reason they come to me is because I am their friend, but also because they know I will try and look at the situation objectively and see why she has acted in that way from an outside perspective, as well as play Devils Advocate.

Now I went with both of these guys to Belgium and had one of the best times of my life, and we are planning to go somewhere else really soon.  I think that if I told them that I am dating, and possibly going to get into a relationship with their boss, would destroy the trust they have in me, as well as our friendship.

Would they just be happy for me if I told them and just let it all slide? I am doubtful.  The ideal situation would be either for her to leave there and go to another store/new job (unlikely) or them to leave and work elsewhere (much more likely).  That would resolve all of those issues, but they will not be happening anytime soon at this rate.

I want to tell them, but I am scared of the consequences.  For now I have cooled it off with A.  I haven’t talked to her as much and I haven’t seen her in a few days, where I was seeing her minimum twice a week.  I have said I have stuff going on an I need to think, and I do need to think.  What do you think Netty?



Date With FWB??!?

A couple of days ago the FWB and I woke up all snuggled and I said to her that this was a little intimate. She then came out and told me that she was falling for me. Her best friend always knew when she had seen me, she got little butterflies when I texted and she enjoyed spending time with me.

Uh oh.

Now, I like her as a FWB, and I could see myself possibly liking her in the future as something more, but I would need to test this. After some more talking we got ready and headed out to work separately. I said to her she needed to think what to do next and so did I. I don’t want to hurt her as I am not that kind of guy, however I do like that I am getting some regularly.

I spent the whole day at work thinking about it. It was a real distraction I tell you. I did my job but I was processing in the back of my mind the entire time. What would her friends think? What would mine think? The FWB is the RAF guy and the Marines boss, would that affect our relationship? Would that make them lose trust me in me? What would my friends think of my situation? Eventually I came to a conclusion to the issue at hand.

We both have chemistry in bed, that much is obvious. We also know we work next to each other well in a professional sense. We no longer work in close proximity which makes that less awkward. What I need to know is will we work on a relationship and friend level. So how about we go on a couple of dates, get to know each other with clothes on and not in bed or wherever and see if we are compatible that way.

Unbeknownst to me, he best friend had had the same idea and told her that. So that is what we have done. Yesterday, I took her out on a date.

I chose the place, and we got a train down to the beach. We wandered around the town and talked and I said there looked like loads of places I would like to try, and she remembers a burger place which she wanted to go to from her last visit here. So, we went to a burger diner, which was really awesome. We both got massive burgers and I had the biggest milkshake you have ever seen. This thing was massive, and they gave me the steel cannister with more in so I could top it up. The girl eats faster than me it is quite impressive I have no idea where she puts it all, but I am impressed.

I paid for lunch, on the proviso that she pays for dessert later, which was doughnuts on the beach. We chilled out and relaxed and talked about life and stuff, and lay on the beach while she lay on my chest. It was a gorgeous day out so perfect weather for that kind of behaviour. When we wandered into town I needed to buy some new shoes as the ones I was wearing were my brothers, and though they looked good, after an hour of wearing them it came to be that they were actually too small. So in another first I bought my first pair of converse!  White hi tops and they are super comfy. She also bought a pair of super high heels. She has a thing for high heels. Some of them in question, but others look hot. These ones weren’t bad but they were at least four inches which made her taller than me, but they still looked good so who cares. Plus, who am I to dictate her choice in clothes!!

We had a couple of little kisses and we discussed how I should come back to hers after and we could nap as well has sort out her wardrobes (yes more than one) so it would free up some space as she needed it. As we approached home on the train I asked her if she wanted me to come over and she said yes. I was rather happy about this turn of events. When we got outside though I said to her

Maybe it would be better if I didn’t. You know what will happen if we are together in your house, and you want to not do anything on this date, so it’s probably best I don’t come back. Regardless of how much we both want stuff to happen.

She could see I was right and agreed. I gave her a kiss on the lips and a hug goodbye then we walked in opposite directions back to out respective homes. We texted later on in the evening saying it went well and now we need to plan a second one. I’m thinking dinner somewhere. We have done a day out, let’s do dinner, then third date do dinner in… Because we all know what happened after the third date…. Aww yeah.

I know, I am doing this all backwards, I’m dating my FWB. I’ve gone from regular sex to none and spending money in dinner to get a kiss. How amusing, but this might be the start of something. Maybe.

Let’s see how this all goes.