Which Button Would You Press?


I am having a hard time deciding between red, yellow and pink.

I would be able to be a super spy which would be awesome. Though in honesty it would probably end up with me just being a massive perv. Honesty is the best policy right, and that’s probably what I would end up using it for. Would I still show up on on infra red or any other detection devices or am I just invisible to the naked eye. Hehe, naked.

I would be able to catch so many people out in their lies, as well as find out the real truth in what people are saying by looking at their thoughts. If it is just to read their thoughts as in to hear them that would be cool,  it if it was to see their thoughts as if plugged into their imagination that would be even cooler. Again, distance for power to work (do I have to touch them, is it line of sight or within a certain distance of me, or can I just focus on a particular person no matter where or whom and hear their thoughts?)

The other two could be rather self serving, but this one would be for the good of humanity. I could save people from pain and suffering. But what is non fatal? People have been given months to live then ended up recovering and leading full and happy lives. Medical professionals get it wrong and cannot always say whether something is truly fatal. OK, if you have lost 85% of your blood then yes, you are fatally hurt,  but there is still a fraction allow percentage of wiggle room. Could I basically cheat death and give immortality to those around me? That sounds like a dangerous power and a hell of a lot of pressure. Also, natural deaths are needed to keep the world from becoming overpopulated. Who am I to play God with the control over life and death in my hands. After looking at it, I am ruling this option out.

Final Decision

I shall be Yellow, but on the proviso I can control it so I don’t get constantly bombarded with voices and I can do it to anyone I want, whenever and wherever, with the video capability. I kind of visualise this similar to Professor X in X – Men, but maybe with more of a Dark Phoenix level of power. That would be sick.



It’s Been A Few Days…

A little update on my life as it has been a few days since we last talked Netty.

Yesterday was super stressful.  At work within 5 minutes of walking in I got a call to tell me that one of the girls in another store had been in a collision and had been taken to hospital.  Their store would need cover.  I had organised it all, but I needed approvzl as though I am one of the most capable in store, I am not a manager so I cannot authorise it.

I noticed the girl I was working with was walking funny, spaced out and in pain.  I asked her if she was ok, if she needed anything.  She said no, she was just a little ill, nothing major, so I let it slide.  I went downstairs to do some work and 10 minutes later I get a call, she is feeling dizzy and faint.  I rush back upstairs and get her to sit down out back while I do all the work.  It turns out two days ago she had smacked her head and had been feeling off for the last few days.  She ran off her list of issues and it screamed concussion to me.  I grabbed the RAF guy from next door who is a trained medic to have a look at her without telling him anything I knew. He told me she was concussed and needed to go home.  I agreed but could not send her yet and she was flat out refusing to go and leave me in on my own so I told her stay out back and rest, I will call someone and sort it out.  I did and I sent her home, but it meant me running the store on my own for 2 hours.  Hard work and lost a few sales because of it, but it was doable.

Yesterday I also ended up pulling a 12 hr shift to help out, 3 hours more than I was supposed to be there as they needed the help as today is the start of sale.  They needed it bigtime or they would have been in store until gone midnight and that is just not cool.  I hope today when I walk in it will be less stressed and more sales based rather than store drama.  I was in a dark mood all day so I had to put on big smiles for some people, but the RAF guy knew I was seriously struggling.  He offered help but I rejected it.  Some things you just need to deal with alone.

The day before that I spent the day with my brother.  I went in for a management meeting (even though I an not management) for 90 minutes which was productive.  I took my brother and the RAF guy to go see a film which was fun, and the brother and I also went shopping and got a Nando’s.  It was great to spend time with him and relax, we never get a chance to with school and work clashing.  He will be leaving school soon and doing a gap year before going to university.  Problem is he hasn’t told our parents he is taking one.  That is going to be an interesting conversation.

The day before that I was working and The Marine and The RAF Guy were on as well next door, but they were both in a bad way.  Personal issues combined with work ones had reached a head and they were both ready to do some very dangerous things.  I was concerned but they both talked to me, and they both displayed enough control to not go nuclear, so I left them to it.  I offered them another night out, just sit and do nothing, or go for a walk or something to help, but they both declined.  As it turned out, they went out with two girls in another shop we are friend with, but both happen to be their love interests, even though both the women are in relationships.  They are both very interested in them, and I know this because they talk to me and have said things.  Both of them I have written about on here, being the engaged girl and the one who I couldn’t work out what interested me about her, but then it clicked.

I will admit I was a little put out by this one, I felt a little rejected, but they needed to hash things out too, so I was not so much pushed aside as I was just not there for this one.  I make myself sound like such a nosey person.

I met up with my FWB as well in this time.  I found out she had been Roofied one night and when I saw her at work she had the shakes and was in a bad way.  I talked to who she was on with, The Marine, and he was in agreement she was in no state to be there.  He ended up doing 19 hours at work, while I walked her to her dads car and made sure she got home ok.  I helped the Marine out as much as I could being next door, and they managed to call someone in, but there was only so much I can do.  It was a roller coaster of a day over there.

There was an awkward moment with the FWB and my parents, but I will write about that another time.

Peace for now Netty



Sex and Belgium


So yesterday turned out to be a very eventful day. The night before I had met some friends and we planned to book a three day adventure to Belgium. Yesterday we actually booked it; flights, 4 star Sheraton Hotel, the works. I am so looking forward to it now. We are going to have so much fun. It will be the RAF guy, The Marine and I. Belgium won’t know what hit it.

Then that evening as it would be, I had got an invite to someone’s house. They asked me to come over the night before but I had plans. I suggested going over yesterday and she agreed. I’m short my dry streak is over, and in a very big way. I won’t bore you with the gory details, but I got there at 10:30pm and left at 10:30am. She was certainly happy when I left and got a taxi home this morning.

Two hours later I walked into work and got straight down into it and stuck in. I was feeling a little sore and my abs were hurting, but it felt good to be working again. An hour later who did I bump into on my way to the stock room…my lady friend. We exchanged smiles and carried on as we were walking in separate directions.

Work is separate from out personal lives so this is being kept on the down low. Basically yesterday was awesome and I am a happy chappy.

Chat again soon Netty



Today I just read that a woman I dated a while ago has just had her first child last night.  Her daughter is absolutely beautiful and the name is really wonderful as well.

I am really happy for her as we have spoken sporadically since we parted ways, but most recently was a few days ago when I wrote this post about another woman.  I spoke to her as she was the first one to really get under my skin and mess with me.  Having not seen her in a year or so I was distanced from the whole thing, but seeing this has brought a whole host of emotions bubbling up.

I am so happy for her and her partner having this little bundle of joy enter their lives.  If they were not already completely in love and devoted to each other, this would only bring them even closer together.

I feel idiotic as she is doing this and the whole making her house a home thing and last night I was at my friends dads 55th birthday playing beer pong and watching the boxing match.  I am looking to move out with the RAF guy quite soon, so this is me moving forward as well.

I feel a little pang of jealousy that they are doing this and it is not me with her, which is silly as it has been a very long time, but as I said, she really did have a massive impact upon me and my view of the world now.  Even on this blog and whom I follow and talk to, it has had an impact upon that.

I am running on about 5 hours sleep in the last two days so that is probably not helping my clarity at all, but I would say all in all I am in a good place right now with my head, so choo choo, MMS is moving forward.