Own It

  • I am short.  I will never be tall.
  • I am loyal, sometimes too much so.
  • I am 25 years old and have been thinning on top since I was 23.
  • I will never be a very muscular individual unless I commit to a strict diet and gym regime.
  • I am the laziest person outside of work that I know.
  • I am the hardest working person inside work that I know.
  • I will love cartoons about Marvel and DC characters for longer than any woman.
  • I say I am a bad liar, but I am reasonably good at it.
  • I exude confidence at work because I am in control.
  • I become much shyer outside because I am not, hence difficulty approaching women
  • I am single, have been for 2 years and will more than likely not find anyone in the near future, because though I want companionship, I am not desperate for it.  I’d rather the sex part.
  • I have great difficulty compartmentalising my emotions.  They tend to bleed into one another.
  • Sometimes, when I am concentrating really hard my brain goes fuzzy, like white noise.  It happens a lot with mental maths.
  • I pick my nose
  • I bite my nails
  • I spend far too much time on the internet
  • I share more of my life online than I do with my family or quite a few of my friends.
  • I have an agenda with 90% of my friends.  Those I don’t I have known for 7+ years.
  • If given the opportunity to undertake dental work, I would.  I hate my teeth.
  • I wish I had a personal life motivator who would shout at me to get myself in gear some days.
  • Some days I will actively avoid all mirrors and only look in one to sort out my hair in the morning because I hate my own face
  • I have had more women send me naked photos of themselves than I have had sex with, and that upsets me
  • I know I am a crazy dancer, but I feel free and I don’t care
  • I have a habit of holding onto the past, because that is my nature
  • If I didn’t write, I would probably be in a ditch somewhere.
  • With all of my faults combined, and all of my assets, I still work out to be AWESOME.


Sin List


This started off with me thinking I would write a short post about sins I have committed in the eyes of God and then asking you how many you think you have committed.  Turns out there are 667 sins listed on this site, and I didn’t read through all of them.

I am sure I have committed a fair few of these, guess I am going to hell.  I do like warm weather though.

To see my Seven Deadly Sins Challenge Click Here.  This is where I went through each of them and said my piece and how I feel about them.  Granted these are two years old now, but still pretty true for me.



So the mother decided to come into my room as I am getting ready to go to work on this bank holiday Monday. She then tells me that I need to at least act like I love her infront of my stepfather and brother as they are getting a kick out of how I act.


Yes, I do not spend much time with them all. Yes, I do not say alot to them. I am polite and answer questions. Always ask before I leave the table. But I don’t love her?

Is she nuts?!

The problem is this may actually be a possibility. And now I have to go to work and have the thoughts that my mum thinks I don’t love her…

This is just going to be the best day really isn’t it.


Out Of My Fingers, Out Of My Mind?

I am so angry.  I need to write.  I need to let this anger, this frustration, this rage out of my mind, out of my chest and out through my fingers.

why is it that writing can sometimes relieve the annoyance.  Why is this outlet sometimes useful to me.  Why is it not useful right now when I need to vent all of my work anger and get it all out.

Tomorrow is going to be hell.  That much is apparent.  I know that I will seriously be under it tomorrow.  I know that I will be on the verge of breaking with my workload and how much pressure I will be under.  I know exactly how bad this is going to be.

But I have to do it.  It is not my responsibility to do this, it should be that of someone much higher than me.  But it is not.  It is now mine.  His excuse? He has to have dinner with his boyfriend.  So I am up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

This is what happens when you have MUG tattooed across your forehead.  This is what happens when you care.  This is what happens when you are willing to take all the shit.


A Day with Twists

So I had expected today to suck.  I had a power nap from 6-7PM last night which screwed my sleep pattern up.  I had to be up very early for the early shift at work and when there found my colleague had also not had any sleep.  We both had Macdonalds to console ourselves while getting on with all our work.

While at work one of the girls from one of our other stores came in and surprised us.  It was lovely to see her and we had a little chat.  I mentioned that after talking to someone it turned out she knew her and my friend laughed.  The two of them had spoken about me at length apparently.  Concerning to know I have been talked about.  My other colleagues I work with all think I am some sort of slut, but in truth I am just quite friendly at times, and it ends up people get to know my face and I say hello to people.

I ended up having lunch with the engaged girl, which lead to her and I going out after work.  I needed to get some food to prepare my lunches for the week and she needed to pick a skirt for her mum.  We drove to the place and I bought Subways for both of us as a thank you for driving me.  We sat in the sun and chatted about life, work and our mutual friends.  She is a flirt and kept making little comments and whatnot while we were relaxing, and I am not going to lie, I reciprocated.  My giant cake I got the other day had been spoken about with her friend so I was texting her telling her to ask my colleagues in store to give her a slice which I had brought in for her.  Amusingly she said the cake was better than sex, to which I responded you need to improve your sex life.

Question: Inapprorpiate to flirt with an engaged woman, while flirting with her friend via text at the same time?

Engaged girl drove to to the supermarket where I bought my stuff.  I complained to her that her cardigan was covering her butt so I couldn’t get a decent view, so she took it off and gave me a wiggle and a smile, asking if that was better.  See 100%  not all me.  As we drove home we discussed the last time we hung out and how she was millimeters away from kissing me before I pulled away.  She smiled asked what would have happened if she had been single.  The look I gave her said everything that needed to be said.  I then told her she is lucky I am not teasing her now, to which she said it wouldn’t work anyway.  That was a challenge and she knew it.

So I teased her while driving running my hand up her thigh and she squirmed until I took my hand away and said I rest my case.  He face was a picture and a half.  She called me trouble and gave me a kiss on the cheek and left a lingering hand on my thigh before driving off to see her fiance.  Yes, I know, that is not a great thing really.

Her friend who I was talking to decided to tell me she was in the bath, and then about her tanlines after recently returning from Barbados.  I told her that put a million thoughts in my head and she then proceeded to offer to show me them.  Well, who am I to say no?  So I now have a picture of her showing me her tanlines, tastefully mind,  not in a trashy way.

Her boyfriend probably wouldn’t appreciate that.

I also found out via Facebook that my dad is flying to Dubai today for a few days away with some friends, and without his wife.  This was the first I had heard about it.  It is weird to think how far we have drifted now.  I told him not to start any wars.

That’s all for now, but still the night is young.  I also bought this which I am excited to read.

Just going to wait for a whole day off so I can devour it in one sitting.  Something to look forward to.


Rumours and Ex Forces

So Saturday afternoon I got a call about a complaint in store by other person in another store but a different company.  My friend had called me after the guy had come in and asked me what was it all about and what he should do.  I said leave it and I will deal with it tomorrow.  What I didn’t tell him was the whole situation started because of me.

The next day the girl who caused the situation came to me and appologised to me about the fact she said things which she was not supposed to say that I had told her.  She had not put my name into it, but I had to sort it out.  She nearly burst into tears on me and I told her next time, don’t do something like that again or I will not trust you again.

I went next door and asked the guy if I could have a quiet word.  There was no subtle way I could ask him as he was standing with his colleagues in an empty store, so they knew why, but I still had to because this needed to be cleared up.  I got him to tell me what happened and listened carefully.  I then offered him two options

  1. We escalate this further, you make a formal complaint and we take this to this higher up the chain
  2. This goes no further.  I talk to all parties and we leave it at that.

I also told him next time if he ever has a problem with my staff to come to me.  Granted the person he was complaining about is way above me, but she and the people he complained to were covering and not based with me.  He knows me and has a rapport with me.  He said he would have preferred to come to me about it but I wasn’t there, and he didn’t want bad blood between the stores.  I understood that, said we were good and shook hands on it.

I am proud of myself for dealing with it in a professional and mature manner.  However I am annoyed because this is what happens when you talk about people.  I brought it on myself.

On a positive note I won a competition and my reward was a big chocolate cake made by one of my colleagues mums.  It was amazing.  I shared some with my colleagues, and offered a slice to each of the people next door.  They loved it and thanked me.  I felt with a big cake I could take it home and share it at home, but if I share it with colleagues/people nearby it would earn me some good karma and solidify a few bridges perhaps.

I ended up going to the pub with the guy who had the complaint and one of the other guys next door who I like.  Sitting with them we ended up on the conversation of their service in the forces.  The complaints guy is American and is an ex US Marine.  The other guy I was with was ex Royal Air Force.  They enlightened me on stories from their respective times in service and it was fascinating to me.  I wanted to ask so many questions but I let them say what they wanted to and only asked about 1/8th  of what was in my brain.

We only had one drink, but ended up going to a supermarket at midnight and driving around until 1:30 in the morning.  I spent 4 and a half hours with them talking and driving and generally just having a laugh.  I had my reservations about the yank, but he is ok in my books.  I discussed with the RAF guy and he agreed, he has done nothing to displace trust, so he has it for now.

I think I will be hanging with them again some time.  Should be interesting.


Work N Ting

So I have pulled over 50 hours this week and I am cream crackered.  I would be working tomorrow but it turns out I have been rota’d in a day off to help compensate for all the hours I have been putting in extra over my normal 40 in recent weeks.  How very nice of them!

I have been spending time with one of the guys at work in the other store which has been nice.  We used to work together quite a lot but with me in another one we do not spend so much time together.  I was with him for the stock count though mentioned in this post.  We have in recent times gone out drinking together and having a laugh which is good, mentioned in this post.  We work well together because all three managers know, we have a laugh and have fun, but the work is guaranteed to be done.

Today I worked with a new guy who was inexperienced and shy.  As bad as it was, I didn’t really have the time with him I would normally use to train him properly because I had so much to do and so little time.  I was a seriously stressy bastard and I delegated to him so he did some work, but he is seriously slow.  Also, do not call a customer “mate”.  That is just not on.  Took a good amount and managed to do some stuff which was good at least.  Had to stay later again as we had an engineer come in to fix some stuff.  Nice warning they gave me there of NONE WHATSOEVER.  Lucky I am a nice guy really.

I got a phone call from PR girl while at work.  She had called me while I was speaking to some people and I had to subtly hide my buzzing pocket.  When she called me around 5:30 I had a quick chat and she boosted my mood.  I said to her

“You know one of the reasons I enjoy talking to you? You laugh at everything I say.  Genuinely no one else I know giggles as much as you do when I crack rubbish jokes or tell stories.  You are my own little 4 foot 10 bottle of happiness.  Even if you give me severe headaches with all your drama sometimes, you are a little doll Teacup”

I nicknamed her Teacup because we were once discussing she has a chip on her shoulder, which reminded me of Chip from Beauty and the Beast, who is totally adorable and a teacup, and so the nickname Teacup was born.

Chip the Teacup with his Mum

Day off tomorrow will probably consist of me going into town to get my nipple piercing checked over to see how it is healing, going to the gym and maybe even doing some cleaning/writing.  Hope you are doing ok Netty.  Any more updates I will be sure to let you know.


Work Vent: Incompetent

I just did my 9 hours, then went and helped another store with their stock take. Took another 3 hours. I am home at 00:45 and will have to be back at work for 10:00 to help set up their new stock system.

What has pissed me off? The complete disregard of the team in the other store. They put things in the wrong place, everything is messy, random stock was under shelves worth hundreds of pounds and just completely just disregarded. You work for a multi million pound company. You wear company gear. At any one time I can be wearing up to £600 worth of the brand, and the girls can wear even more if they wear the jewellery. Show some damn pride in your work. The back room was filled with rubbish. The stockroom was a state and everything was in complete disrepute.

My store is tidy because we all pull out weight and get it done. We are a team, and we work together. This other store is individuals, none of which actually give a crap and do not care about targets or even having a safe working environment apparently.

If you keep the place tidy, it makes your job easier. If you get rid of the rubbish then you don’t have to deal with the smell, or have to hop round it. If you take pride in your appearance you will sell more and actually look approachable. The new staff were not trained by me or my boss, and that is evident through the work ethic and the state they leave the place in. The ones who were are trying to keep the ship afloat but it is painfully obvious how much of a struggle this is.

I have had words and tomorrow when I am in I will be having a talk with their store manager. There is no way in hell these standards are acceptable. There is a point where it is not my place to speak, however when it comes to back room it is my place to say something, because the level at which they are working is absolutely not on.

I will be setting up the new system tomorrow with the help of two others as I said the start. They have asked me to come in because my system in my store works, and they want it to keep everything tidy, easy to find and clean. I will do this, but it is not my job to maintain it. That is theirs, and they better learn how to do it.   Or I will come down on them like a ton of bricks. I will not have my hard work ruined by some punks who think throwing £200 dresses in a bay is acceptable.

On another note, when an under 20 female tries to play attention games with me, guess what? It won’t work. Sure I will say hello, but I am up to my eyeballs in transfers and visual merchandising, so no I do not have time to chat. You want a hug? Quick hug and run along because I have things to do. You’re going to pout? Yeah, I’m done. You’re going to now text me for a favour after not talking for 4 weeks. Yeah, I know your game. No response and a giant fuck you to you.

Game players and lazy, incompetent fools. I have no time for these people. My tether grows short, I am going to snap at someone who pushes me, but who will it be…. Tune in next week to find out.