I am Ravenous

I am so hungry. So very hungry. My cravings are taking over my thoughts. All I can think of is of devouring soft tender succulent flesh.

Savouring the taste in my mouth.

Feeling the juices drip on my lips and my eyes closed in pleasure as my taste buds are tantalised.

I have a hunger that needs sating. Deep in my stomach, the hunger rages. The inferno is begging to be given fuel, to be allowed to feed and rage wildly.

But I have nothing to eat, so my hunger continues to rage within me. Unrequited, unsatisfied and unfinished.

Give it to me. Let me have it. Let me have it all…..


The One With The Nipple Piercing….

Today I got my nipple pierced.  Left side, curved bar made of titanium, £25.  I love it.  It is sore right now, and I keep wanting to play with it but I am having to stop myself because I do not want it to get infected.  I got it on the left so that it balances out the tattoo on the right.

I have been talking to one girl via snapchat, sent a message to an old ex, got contacted by another ex, flirted with a girl on facebook and another has given me her number so I can text her.  I am unsure why all these females have popped out of the woodwork, but they are all cool and I won’t sleep with any of them anyway so it is all moot.

Had a visit from the area manager of another area and she was really nice.  We had a good chat and got along really well.  She is smoking hot too and turns out lives around the corner from me which is crazy.  Also found out my area manager really likes my work ethic and thinks I am one of the best members of staff in the area.  I found that really flattering.  I think the quote was

“MMS works like he owes us, when in reality it is us that owes him the amount of times that he has saved our bacon”

It is good to feel appreciated and noticed for the hard work that I put into my job.  I take pride in my work and my commitment, because I am a prideful and committed kind of person.  It is good to hear this.

So all in all, nipple pierced, good day at work and good night to you all 🙂



Life is all about battles
Past vs present
Present vs future

Life is all about struggle
Today vs tomorrow
Now vs later

Life is about conflict
Here vs there
Him vs her

Life is just war.  It only ends in death.


No idea why, but I felt like writing that.  In a bit of a crappy mind frame, but such is life.  Take your ups with your downs.


Bad Influence Numbers- Weekend Back at Uni 2

So during the 4 nights I stayed at my old uni guess how many takeouts we had. 5. Yes, 5 take out meals in 4 days. I would say I am ashamed, but really, I am not even remotely.

Guess how many nights I drank? That’s right I drank 4. Guess how many days I drank? 1 only, clearly I am losing my touch.

Ladies made to blush? Only two. I was being very well behaved so that is good. Didn’t even flinch when one was so close I could feel how warm her lips were.

People influenced. 4. One got drunk for the first time in 6 months and it only happened because I came down and I always destroy him. That and I busted out shots at a bar and he can’t say no to me. One got drunk for the first time ever with me. I was so happy to take his drunk Virginity. One girl dislikes me because her boyfriend always has a different brand of fun with me compared to the boring monotony that she brings to the table. Makes me happy I pissed her off because you may be pretty, but you are as interesting as watching paint dry. One is the incident spoken in the PPP.

Broken items. 1. Friend dropped a glass in the bar and covered my leg in toffee cider and smashed his pint glass. I was more upset about the alcohol than my trousers.

Good, clean yet messy fun. Perfect.


Having A Moment – Weekend Back At Uni 1

I am probably going to write a few of these hence why this is number 1.

Saturday night and we had just gone out for dinner with a whole bunch of people.  Some I knew, some I did not, but all were nice and we had plenty of conversation.  After a fantastic meal we went to a pub I have not set foot in in at least 5-6 years and it was still exactly the same as I remember.  Plan was for a few of us to hit the university night club, but as we were walking away I may have been dressed for the occasion, but I didn’t really fancy it.  I had been promised that there would be a few girls there who may catch my interest, as well as my friends girlfriend telling me she would talk me up.  I just wanted to chill with my guys.

So we went back to the house we were staying at and busted out the alcohol.  We had had Japanese for dinner, so I had prepared and got a bottle of Sake and a bottle of Plum Wine.  We split this between a few of us and drank and hung out.  One of the guys played Dark Souls II while three of us watched and chatted with him.  Two others played on hand held consoles in a linked game.

Yes, we are nerds.  Yes, I am no where near remotely cool.  Yes, that is fun for me.

The moment that I am talking about in my title is that I sat down on the couch where one of the guys was partially laying down.  He shuffled a bit to accommodate me and not take up so much space so I told him not to worry and just moved stuff so he ended up with his head and back resting against me propped up while I sat there.  I stretched my arms out to be more comfortable, but as I leaned for a better view of the gaming session so I could mock his idiotic moves my arm fell and was resting on him.  I said sorry but he said it was cool and just to leave it there.

It was simple human contact, that was it.  We drank more and finished off the bottles of alcohol.  By about 2am my arm had gone from resting on him to him basically snuggled up to me and my arm curved round his chest, with him holding it there.  I wasn’t sure how to feel about that whole situation, because I have never really snuggled with a dude before like that.  He was very comfortable with it all and said my beard was tickling him but he liked it.

Kind of like this but with pillows instead of his stomach

Yes, this does sound a little gay, and I am not gay, but the guy I was with is very much so.  I had no qualms with this whole thing because it was just nice, as well as very comfortable for me.  There was no tension or anything like that at all.  Earlier on we had been discussing about how he would like to bring a shocking guy home to his devout Christian parents to shock them.  He listed the traits required and I laughed because I was 5 of the 6 criteria.  He wasn’t hitting on me as he didn’t know I had had a piercing, or that I have ink, but it was still funny.

The point of this whole post is that a little human contact is really quite nice, and it doesn’t always have to have sexual overtones.  It can just be friendly and enjoyable.  Looks like I have learnt something new.


London Fun and Thoughts

Yesterday sparked an impromptu trip to London to see some old friends from uni and meet a few of the new freshers that they were bringing along for an adventure.  We went to Camden and I bought some new things from this fantastic place called Cyberdog.  I love it in there, the music is thumping, the clothes are so far out and it is just so quirky, much like the rest of Camden in truth.

I met a few new people who came along with the people I knew.  They were really cool and they are all current students at my old university.  Meeting them I was surprised how tame and well behaved they were, until we got to talking properly.  Then I found they had a little bit of a wild side, but my stories were shockers for them.  Apparently freshers these days don’t get naked regularly or go nuts.

One of them was 19 and had slept with 36 women.  I looked him up and down and I could see why.  He was very cutesy and had some charms about him.  He was also very well dressed.  When we started talking about sex as a group it was amusing because he thought he could beat me.  Yes dude, you have slept 6 times more women than me.  But no, this is one you will not win.  Even one of the guys who knows me pretty well was shocked.  Well, it is always the quiet ones right.  Yes, I called myself quiet.

We went for all you can eat sushi and devoured so much food.  Great company and great food, not to mention lots of laughs made it a brilliant evening.  I bought a bottle of sake (Japanese rice wine) and we split it between 5 of the guys.  One of them said “To the Old Guard” as a toast which cracked me up.  He is doing his Masters in Forensic Criminology and is 2 years younger than the rest of the “Old Guard”.  One has a degree in Accounting and Finance, did his PGCE and is now a secondary school maths teacher (ages 11-18).  One did a degree is philosophy and is an IT administrator.  The third has a degree in economics which he started when I started in 2007, graduated and decided to do a second degree in Criminology.  He graduates this year and is looking into maybe doing his Masters there as well.  The sake went down far too easily and we made plans for this weekend now.

Looks like I will be going back to my old uni to spend a weekend down there.  The guy doing his Master’s girlfriend is such a sweetheart and she kind of inspired me to really go and get my tattoo.  She has a chameleon on her ankle which has the same Maori swirl I do.  She said she is going to get some of her girls out to meet me, to which I told her I have given up everything to do with sex for Lent.  She laughed and says “We’ll see”.  I’m kinda scared.

I had a brilliant one liner which if I had said to anyone else would have been incredibly awkward, but wasn’t because they knew to take it in jest.  Teacher pulls out his wallet which is a comic book design on the outside with Marvel Comic Strips.  Masters Girlfriend goes

“Oh wow, that is such an awesome wallet, that is amazing!”

To which I respond “If you like his wallet, you are going to love my boxers!!”

I then had to explain I was wearing boxers with basically the same design, so the joke made more sense and I didn’t look like a complete nutter.  I showed teacher and he agreed, they were awesome.

There were a few bad notes, such as when there were these rowdy drunks for St Patricks Day celebrations where we nearly got into a fight with them, and me having some knowledge dropped on me that my ex who was maybe turning up is moving out of London to Bristol with her new partner.  That part didn’t bother me,  the fact he is 37 and she is 24 did.  Made me feel massively immature and my first response was to ask how her parents reacted to that one.  But they are supportive of her of course; they let her date a weirdo like me for 2 years, probably a serious upgrade there!

But back to the point, I had an amazing day and made some great new friends who I will be seeing again this weekend! More sake and gaming will ensue no doubt.  Maybe a little eye candy and some great new memories as well will be had.