Wedding Band Tattoos

A combination of two things that have been playing on my mind.

3, 10, 11 and 16 are the ones I like the most.  Makes me crave another tattoo, that and the fact one of the guys got a new one a few days ago with his mothers date of birth and death in roman numerals.  It looks really good where it is set within the rest of his sleeve.



10 thoughts on “Wedding Band Tattoos

      • Yeah, I mean that’s the idea (the permanency) and I totally get that. I suppose most people go into marriage expecting it to be permanent. I certainly did. I guess I’m just looking at it now from a more realistic vantage point — 14 years in and really realizing how difficult it can be and how much work it takes. I don’t know that it’s as tough for everyone. I know plenty of couples who seem perfectly happy after a long time. It’s just where I am now — slightly jaded I suppose. I think when you meet the right person it will be that way for you, MMS.

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