Tattoos and Questions For You

These tattoos are amazing.  I love geometric patterns and symmetry, so these are massively appealing to me.  Ironic as my tattoo is a swirl, not made of straight lines and angles, but a few really stand out to me

This is number 28 on the list and I adore this.  I think it is because of the fact it contains triangles.  I have this odd thing for 3’s.  I tend to use the triadic structure a great deal in my writing, not only creatively, but in everyday conversation.  For example, that previous sentence has three separate clauses.  It would also make sense as to why I like number 37.

I like this because of not only the triangles, but the contrasts.  I love contrasts, which to those who know me is explained by a few of my personal preferences.  I like how this is a dual tattoo as well;one for each person.  In my mind this is a couple, and this is a way of them showing they belong to each other.  That is my interpretation anyway.

Do you have any tattoos? Would you like any? Opinions on people with tattoos?

You cannot say you are too old to have one.  David Dimbleby got one at 75.  See the BBC news article here.

I have one, but I would love to get more.  Family constraints are currently a major factor stopping this, hence why mine is positioned where it is.  What say ye all?



Yes Ma’am

I am back at work again so I had to get my game face on and get my flirt on. It has worked well so far and I’ve been smashing sales. About ten minutes before delivery my colleage looked at me and said

“You are NOT doing delivery today. I will get XYZ and he will help me. You are absolutely not doing it.”

“Yes, I am. I can walk on flat surface and there are no inclines of stairs that I have to worry about. I can test how much I can lift and I will get XYZ to help.”

“MMS, you are not doing it. End of. Clear? “

She had such a finality in her tone I agreed and let her and my other colleague get on with it. When they got back I tried lifting one box and moving it. My knee bucked immediately and I dropped the box. So heavy boxes are a no no still then it looks like.

I feel better and stronger, but apparently my knee does not want to comply with my mind. How bothersome.

However I will have to just keep going. I’m on until the end of the week, so as long as I can stand, smile and sell then I am all good. My moment of the day was a lady came in wanting one thing and I sold her something completely different and she still absolutely loved it, even though she didn’t like the colour. People need to trust my eyes, I know what I am doing. Call me the Sexy Seller 🙂


Let Myself Be

Alone in the dark; just the sound of my keystrokes and the whur of the fan.  The noisy world has been shut out behind double glazed windows and closed doors.  All that remains is me, this page, and my mind.  Sometimes it is better to be away from people.  That time alone where you don’t need to interact, where you don’t need to smile and talk, where you don’t need to hold conversation.

You embrace the silence.  You embrace being alone.  You embrace the solitude.

Having people around is nice, sure.  But sometimes.  Sometimes you just need to be alone and have your own space.  Have your time to be free from everyone and everything around you that you feel are pressuring and moulding you in to someone you do not want to be.  I have limits, we all do.

I have reached my limit of interaction for the last few days.  I just want to have some time alone.  Digital contact with people doesn’t feel the same as real life interactions, which makes them a little more tollerable.  But even those can be a pain.  I will just let it be for now.  Let myself be.


Stupid Body

You ever feel do something without thinking, assuming that you are capable and then realising you are not?

Guess what I just did.  Without thinking I heard something upstairs so I went to run up them to find out what it was.


My leg hurts like a b*tch now.  You know how frustrating that is.  I know I can run upstairs.  I walk faster than 98% of people I know.  I rush around constantly.  Day before yesterday I tried to turn on the ball of my left foot and it twisted my knee just a tiny bit.  Proceed to fall onto the bed as pain shoots through my thigh and my kneecap shoots with pain under it.

I am getting really tired of this not being at full capacity bullcrap that is going on with my body.  I want to be back able to lift things using my legs.  I want to be able to walk at my normal pace and leave people in my dust.  I want to be able to go up stairs three at a time.  I want to be able to go up the stairs next to the escalators and reach the top before them because they are too slow and I am faster than them.

Stupid fragging car hitting me. Stupid driver not stopping at a junction.  Stupid injury.  Stupid world.

I go back to work tomorrow because I told work I will be ok to go back as long as I am not straining too hard.  Stockroom manager promotion – can’t do heavy lifting or walk lots.  GREAT! SICK ONE YEAH?!

I am getting really fed up of this.  Today it will have been 1 week since it happened.  Why the hell can I not just heal already and get the frag back on with my life.


Now My Cousin Gets Mugged?

So the week before last my step dad broke his wrist and damaged his coxys.  Last Sunday I got his by a car (see here).

Yesterday, as I have yet found out just now, my 16 year old cousin got mugged.

He lives in North London near where I was born, and in an area I spent the first 8 years of my life. I’m just so glad that he wasn’t stabbed or anything, because the area is known to be a bit dodgy.

He and his friend were surrounded on his lunch break from school. On his bloody lunch break. Are you serious?! This kid is smart. He already had two GCSEs and will blow me out the water intellectually in time, and he goes to a great school, but clearly the gang culture of the area still prevails around him.

This is just a bit of a shit time for my family. I think we need some good luck. Or maybe this is all the bad luck happening to us so the universe can balance the good luck of my other cousin getting married?(pft!)

Maybe something is round the corner. Positive thoughts right? Yeh, wonder if that really works.


Really Dad?

So today my father, as in my biological one, came to visit me today.  He heard about my accident yesterday and came today.  But did he come alone? No, no he did not.  He brought along his Personal Assistant.  Are you kidding me? I got hit by a bloody car and you come to see me for the first time in TEN MONTHS and you bring your PA? Awesome parenting.

So he sits in the living room with my kid brother, mum, step dad and I with this new PA who is a pretty, early 20s girl and I am just in shock.  We all talk and he says something along the lines of me getting married soon because I am getting older.  Will talk about that whole kettle of fish in detail in another post but he says to me

“Your mother and I were married at 21.  You should really be looking at it soon, you are nearly 25”

“Yes, and look how well your marriage turned out”

You could have cut the silence with a knife.  I felt sorry for the PA, but I couldn’t give two shits at that point.

You came to see me and you bring your assistant.  Then he hands me a plastic bag and says there is some stuff for you.  A box of Lindor and some sushi.  “I told her to go to Lidl but she went to Waitrose”

“So you didn’t even buy it yourself? Cheers old man.  Oh and by the way, you’ve packed on the pounds”

I turn to his PA “You know he is diabetic, so keep his chocolate away from him, he will try and eat everything”

Guess where I got my temper from.  Yep. Him. Ten months.  Sick one pops.

Now I am just lying here in pain thinking this is bullshit.  I need to do something physical, but I hurt too much.  Can you say frustrated.  Fucking stupid car accident.