Dove Beauty Sketches and Love Yourself

This is incredible. It really makes you think about your own personal perceptions of yourself. I am not sure if this classes as body dysmorphia or not, but to me it certainly shows how people are harsher on themselves than need be.

Though this advert (and that is what this ultimately is, an advert with a moral behind it) does depict women, this is an issue which is applicable to men also. We are all harsher on ourselves than we should be. If we all loved ourselves a little more, we would probably love the world we live in just a little bit more.

We can blame the societal need to conform to magazine covers (have you seen how insanely ripped the men are on the cover of Mens Health). Or look at this recent shoot by David Gandy for Dolce and Gabbana

We can blame parents, we can blame stereotypes, we can blame mass media, we can assign the blame to too many places. Ultimately, it comes down to us. We must love ourselves unconditionally. I know today I will certainly be trying harder to love myself. I don’t always like who I see looking back at me in the mirror, but some things you cannot change, so you must accept, and love yourself for your “faults”. They make you the unique and incredible person you are.

Hope everyone has a lovely day. Here is some love from me to you. Take every hour on the hour to remind you that someone loves you, even if it is just some weirdo spouting off on his little blog in the vastness of the Internet.



11 thoughts on “Dove Beauty Sketches and Love Yourself

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  2. Oh I’ve seen this before. Amazing isn’t it. I admit id probably be one of these women that can’t see the beauty in them that others can. Always my own worst critic. Thanks for sharing Lovie. xo

    • It is. I think if they had done this advert with men as well describing themselves, not just a brief moment where a man describes how beautiful a woman’s eyes were, it would be more valid as a piece trying to deliver a message, not just an advert directed at women. But it is very good.
      I think we are all pretty hard on ourselves. But you’ve read what I’ve said about you on both yours and B’s blog. You’re wonderful. 🙂 xx

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