I make me laugh sometimes with how utterly masculine I am.  To those people who go for the whole “Oh what are you doing in the kitchen, that’s where a woman belongs” go play in oncoming traffic! What could be possibly more manly than a kitchen, where there is fire, pointy things which cut stuff and meat.  I defy you to find somewhere in a home more manly than a kitchen.  Did I forget to mention the kitchen also has the fridge, which contains beer?? Yeah, your kitchen is so girly.

Cooking is fun for me.  I basically grew up in the kitchen surrounded by my aunts and mum.  I knew how to cook at a young age, and was doing roast dinners (with a little help with the timings) by the time I was about 12.  Cooking is great.  I don’t really do fancy dishes or anything which will blow your mind in awesomeness; but I do cook rustic, flavourful food which will leave you feeling full and content afterwards.  I am a feeder.  It runs in the family.  All my aunts and mum are.  It might also put another light on why I give the girls at work so much chocolate.  Learning more about myself every day.


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