Ed Sheeran – Drunk

Not my first post about alcohol related music.  I wrote about James Arthur’s new single here and how it has alcohol in it, but this is straight out drinking of alcohol as a form of escapism.  What are we escaping? The bitter sweet memories of an ex lover.

This song is brilliant.  Absolutely brilliant.  I sing it at work quite often when it happens to pop up on the playlist and it is just a piece of art to me.  The song does not send out a great message in honesty, but it is real.  People do this, people go out and get drunk when they are heartbroken.  People look for escapes from the harsh realities of the world around them.  People feel pain.

Not the first Ed Sheeran song I have posted either.  I posted this one back in April of this year.  Different job, different mindset, different time.  Still the same me I guess.  Still a little dazed and confused, but now mixed in with a bit in pain.  Ah well, keep on going right?


16 thoughts on “Ed Sheeran – Drunk

      • I will thanks! Everything is great, just getting ready to leave for work and thought I’d catch up a bit on WP first. Hope all is well with you as well. xoxo

      • I know, I’ve just been super busy with family and work and the holidays coming up. I have a couple in the works, but haven’t had the time to refine them and don’t want to post crap. lol
        Glad you are enjoying mine and Mari’s flirting with each other. 😉

      • Thoroughly enjoying it. Good for you taking pride in what you post! I just put whatever I want up. I should probably refine mine a little more. Hope everything goes smoothly for you with everything and B is well also 🙂 xx

      • Thanks Lovie, we are both great and loving life. Btw, don’t change a thin about your blog. Love it just the way it is. xo

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