He leans back, his office chair reclining and holding him steady. The music flows out of the speakers and surrounds his. His ears hear it, his skin feels it, his heart embraces it.

The slow rise of the violins, the brass section coming in and the percussions bringing up the back and keeping it all there. The cellos are always so underrated but he knows how much work it takes, holding the piece together with its sweet strings.

The build. Oh the build! The music slowly builds in crescendo, more and more dynamic until at its peak all the hairs on his body stand on end as he is immersed in the beauty of the piece. How can something written hundreds of years ago resonate within him so strongly??

Music surpasses time, it crosses the language barrier and it bring people into  its fold. Great music can transport you to another time, another place, another world. It can lift you to soaring heights or bring you to tears of sadness, but make no mistake, good music will make you feel.

The piece calms down and comes to an end. His stresses have melted away with the strings. A warm peaceful feeling sits in his chest, making him feel that all is right with the world. Music is his release, music is his love, music is who he is.