James Arthur – You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You. An Analysis

Now, normally X-Factor “artists” are not the kind of thing that I am interested in, but I really like this song.  I am torn about how to interpret the lyrics of it though.  They do project a very negative opinion, but ironically I do think this way.  Here is the chorus.

You’re nobody ’til somebody loves you,
It’s hard times when nobody wants you,
Fill up my cup, don’t ever stop coming,
Get up on top, we’ll make it pop, honey.

Line 1 – You’re nobody ’til somebody loves you.
This song is telling you that you are a nobody unless you have the love of someone else.  You have no value as an individual unless you are attached to someone else, which will give you both love and a meaning for living.  That is really not a great idea to project out into the world.  Maybe Mr Arthur has some abandonment issues.

Line 2 – It’s hard times when nobody wants you.
This makes much more sense and is logical.  Regardless of whether you are the most self empowered individual on the planet or not, there are those times when you will feel lonely and no longer part of the group, due to your singledom.  It can feel like a desolate place, trapped on an island alone.  So yes, it can be a hard time.

Line 3 – Fill up my cup, don’t ever stop coming.
Is this promotion of alcoholism as a coping method?  That is a very bad idea.  Personal experience has taught me that this a very bad idea.  Turning to a bottle to try and deal with any sort of emotional problems is never good.  It is escapism from dealing with how to progress.  Not such a good lyric Mr Arthur.

Line 4 – Get up on top, we’ll make it pop, honey.
If I am reading this correctly, Mr Arthur is now promoting promiscuous liaisons on a regular basis.  There will be no slut shaming here, regardless of gender, so long as it is all consented by both parties.  However, is this really the way for you to be going about finding love? Sleeping with many people may fill a hole temporarily, but in your heart you know that it will not actually solve the problem.  Perhaps Mr Arthur also has some commitment issues.

Lyric analysis aside, this is a fun song to listen to.  I quite like his voice, and any guy who can sing alto or soprano always gets my attention.  I think it is very cool when I guy can make his voice just jump octaves and hold those notes.  It is probably what attracted me to Justin Timberlake back in the day when he went solo.  That and his album Justified was and is one of my favourite albums of all time.  I can more than likely sing all the lyrics to it still

Such a good album.  Well that is enough analysis for now.  A picture and a song done, that shall sate me for now.  I have a third picture in reserve if I need to do more, but maybe that will be for tomorrow.



10 thoughts on “James Arthur – You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You. An Analysis

  1. Identity is a process and especially when we are young we create our identity through what others think of us and how they see us. So it makes only sense that a SO gives you an identity and makes you a someone when you were a no one before.
    There is some deeper psychological background to that but whatever… now I have some nice idea to blend in with my paper… geez. Thanks for the inspiration, my muse 🙂 xx

  2. I like reading your thoughts…
    Sociology is so complex and it intrigues me.
    Thank you for sharing yours.

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