The Air Hostess

At work today I had a stunning air hostess for BA (British Airways) in her 30s come in.  She was all decked out in her uniform and she was so lovely.  We got talking and she asked me randomly if I knew about SAD, and I said yes. Her husband suffers from it and I look like him 10 years ago.    We ended up about seasonal depression for a little bit while showing her some of the new lines we have in.

She is a fan of pink and we had a few nude pink and bright pink tops in with some nice little details on them.  The two I pointed out in particular she loved and said she would like to try on.  I set her up in the changing room and while she tried one of them on, a nude pink long sleeved number with little jewels around the neck and a clasp at the back.  She came out and showed me then asked a question which I was not expecting.

“Are you straight or gay?”

Really? Do I give off that impression? I may be a little flamboyant, but no, I am not gay.

“No, I am straight”

“Oh, in which case I will refrain from what I was about to say next then” *insert girly giggle*

“Trust me, whatever you have said, I have heard before, I was raised by women”

“Ok then.  I think I might need a nude bra with this, this one shows a little doesn’t it”

*looks at chest* “Hmm, yes.  You’re wearing white and it does show through the knit, probably best to wear a natural bra under that.”

I have so used to being surrounded by women growing up I am so de-sensitised to all of this now.  Don’t get me wrong, she gave me a valid excuse to look at her chest, and I took it, but it was in the name of fashion.

We then processed to discuss the outfit it would go with, and the heels/accessories she could match and would make her husbands jaw drop in it.

She bought that jumper, plus another one and then went on her way, thanking me for my help and for being so generous.  I went relayed this conversation to my colleague and she said.

“I get her asking though.  It took me a few weeks to get a read on you.  It’s because you are so complimentary to both boys and girls it is really hard to tell.  It was only when I caught you checking out a girl one time that I decided you were straight”

I was a little shocked.  Yes, I am complimentary and I appreciate a good looking guy.  Yes, I can talk about girly things easier than I can about manly things.  Yes, I can be a little crazy and come across as a little camp, but make no mistake here.  I love the ladies.

That said there has been a video of me saying a wonderful phrase

I like my women white and my men black.

I have also been known to say:

I like my women like I like my tea; hot, sweet and white.

I really need to stop saying things like that.