Let Myself Be

Alone in the dark; just the sound of my keystrokes and the whur of the fan.  The noisy world has been shut out behind double glazed windows and closed doors.  All that remains is me, this page, and my mind.  Sometimes it is better to be away from people.  That time alone where you don’t need to interact, where you don’t need to smile and talk, where you don’t need to hold conversation.

You embrace the silence.  You embrace being alone.  You embrace the solitude.

Having people around is nice, sure.  But sometimes.  Sometimes you just need to be alone and have your own space.  Have your time to be free from everyone and everything around you that you feel are pressuring and moulding you in to someone you do not want to be.  I have limits, we all do.

I have reached my limit of interaction for the last few days.  I just want to have some time alone.  Digital contact with people doesn’t feel the same as real life interactions, which makes them a little more tollerable.  But even those can be a pain.  I will just let it be for now.  Let myself be.