Stupid Body

You ever feel do something without thinking, assuming that you are capable and then realising you are not?

Guess what I just did.  Without thinking I heard something upstairs so I went to run up them to find out what it was.


My leg hurts like a b*tch now.  You know how frustrating that is.  I know I can run upstairs.  I walk faster than 98% of people I know.  I rush around constantly.  Day before yesterday I tried to turn on the ball of my left foot and it twisted my knee just a tiny bit.  Proceed to fall onto the bed as pain shoots through my thigh and my kneecap shoots with pain under it.

I am getting really tired of this not being at full capacity bullcrap that is going on with my body.  I want to be back able to lift things using my legs.  I want to be able to walk at my normal pace and leave people in my dust.  I want to be able to go up stairs three at a time.  I want to be able to go up the stairs next to the escalators and reach the top before them because they are too slow and I am faster than them.

Stupid fragging car hitting me. Stupid driver not stopping at a junction.  Stupid injury.  Stupid world.

I go back to work tomorrow because I told work I will be ok to go back as long as I am not straining too hard.  Stockroom manager promotion – can’t do heavy lifting or walk lots.  GREAT! SICK ONE YEAH?!

I am getting really fed up of this.  Today it will have been 1 week since it happened.  Why the hell can I not just heal already and get the frag back on with my life.