Now My Cousin Gets Mugged?

So the week before last my step dad broke his wrist and damaged his coxys.  Last Sunday I got his by a car (see here).

Yesterday, as I have yet found out just now, my 16 year old cousin got mugged.

He lives in North London near where I was born, and in an area I spent the first 8 years of my life. I’m just so glad that he wasn’t stabbed or anything, because the area is known to be a bit dodgy.

He and his friend were surrounded on his lunch break from school. On his bloody lunch break. Are you serious?! This kid is smart. He already had two GCSEs and will blow me out the water intellectually in time, and he goes to a great school, but clearly the gang culture of the area still prevails around him.

This is just a bit of a shit time for my family. I think we need some good luck. Or maybe this is all the bad luck happening to us so the universe can balance the good luck of my other cousin getting married?(pft!)

Maybe something is round the corner. Positive thoughts right? Yeh, wonder if that really works.