Really Dad?

So today my father, as in my biological one, came to visit me today.  He heard about my accident yesterday and came today.  But did he come alone? No, no he did not.  He brought along his Personal Assistant.  Are you kidding me? I got hit by a bloody car and you come to see me for the first time in TEN MONTHS and you bring your PA? Awesome parenting.

So he sits in the living room with my kid brother, mum, step dad and I with this new PA who is a pretty, early 20s girl and I am just in shock.  We all talk and he says something along the lines of me getting married soon because I am getting older.  Will talk about that whole kettle of fish in detail in another post but he says to me

“Your mother and I were married at 21.  You should really be looking at it soon, you are nearly 25”

“Yes, and look how well your marriage turned out”

You could have cut the silence with a knife.  I felt sorry for the PA, but I couldn’t give two shits at that point.

You came to see me and you bring your assistant.  Then he hands me a plastic bag and says there is some stuff for you.  A box of Lindor and some sushi.  “I told her to go to Lidl but she went to Waitrose”

“So you didn’t even buy it yourself? Cheers old man.  Oh and by the way, you’ve packed on the pounds”

I turn to his PA “You know he is diabetic, so keep his chocolate away from him, he will try and eat everything”

Guess where I got my temper from.  Yep. Him. Ten months.  Sick one pops.

Now I am just lying here in pain thinking this is bullshit.  I need to do something physical, but I hurt too much.  Can you say frustrated.  Fucking stupid car accident.