Two Years On WordPress

2 yearsYesterday along with being hit by a car (see here) it also happens to be my two year anniversary on WordPress.  I started this blog back in 2011 with My First Post (see here) introducing the idea and my first real post on My Youtube Addiction (see here).  This is the official anniversary, but I class the 3rd of May 2012 as the proper start of my blogging with A Fantastic Night Out (see here) for my friends 22nd birthday.

Two years gone by and a fair bit has changed.  I think I have a little too.  I am in a better place.  I am happier, and I am healthier.  Here’s to another year of self improvement and maybe a little less women problems 😉



So Last Night I Got Hit By A Car…

Yep. You read that right. I had a really good day at work. Took over £3500 totaling over half of the days sales. Flirted outrageously with some customers and spent 25 minutes talking to a beautiful blonde 4 ft 10 woman who bought some really hot bits from me. I took over half the days sales, got so much work done and found a few things out about the girl mentioned in the previous posts. But that will be discussed later.

Walking home I was in a fantastic mood, really happy at what I have done and thinking I will do an audio blog tonight for a change. Happy MMS! Crossed the road and then bang.

Guy come round the corner of a junction without breaking and hits me. I bounce off the bonnet of his car and end up in the middle of the road.

I saw the white lines in the middle of the road while I was on the floor and knew I had to get up.  Got up but my left knee was really hurting.  Guy eventually got out of his car and had a thick Pakistani accent. Told him to get his car out of the middle of the road and put his hazards on.  I memorised his licence plate and when my brother and step dad turned up got them to take a photo.  I could taste blood in my mouth and was shaking.  I think that is a combination of both shock, cold and being soaked through as it was pouring with rain.  Luckily the first officer on the scene was someone I knew from school, and my friends father is the head of the paramedics in the area, so a casual name drop was in order.  I was data mining this guy for details, so I know i didn’t do too much damage to my head, but my knee and my jaw were killing me.

5 hours later I leave the hospital.  X-rays on my jaw and knee show know breaks or fractures.  I have ligament and muscle damage to my left knee and thigh from the car, and the right side of my jaw is swollen from hitting the tarmac.  My right wrist and heel of my hand have cuts, probably from me bracing myself before I hit the floor. I have crutches which I already hate, but my boss has said take the week off work which is good.  I had three days off anyway, but he has given me the rest of the week off.

What has annoyed me, and I did not notice, was two of the drivers friends turned up and tried to be intimidating to my family.  My brother is 17 and a hothead, but he couldn’t take them.  I’m in shock and I am lucky the police were close by.  My brother said he would recognise them if he saw them again.

I am a nice guy.  I come across well spoken and articulate.  Do no ever mistake that for me being a p*ssy.  I can do damage, but I know people who can do more.  If these guys come after me for any reason whatsoever, it doesn’t matter if I am incapacitated, because they will end up in considerably worse states than me.  That is for certain.  I dislike threats being leveled at my person, and today I will be giving a statement to the police.  I am willing to bet he does not have company insurance, car insurance, and more than likely has a foreign licence but not a UK valid one.  This f*cker should be deported.

All in all, I am damn lucky.  I could have had broken bones, I could have had brain damage, I could be dead.  Instead I have muscle damage and am sore.   Maybe the good karma I have built up finally got some good use.  Either way, expect at least one more post from me today.  Minimum.