Today I had to work with the young lady talked about in my previous post here and some interesting things happened.  I say interesting, what I mean is that I am unsure as to whether I am getting the wrong end of the stick here or not.  Writing to you Netty helps me process, so let’s see what you got.

So at work today she said she was tired and a little down.  I gave her a little sympathy, but mainly through just being me apparently made her laugh loads.  “Come on chicka, show me those pearly whites! Best way to get those sales in”

Apparently making her laugh made her feel better, but she also had a migraine coming on.  I offered her some of the painkillers I had in my bag, but she declined and said she had some in hers, but thanked me for my offer.  In honesty, I wouldn’t take drugs from someone I have only met twice, so I understand the rebuff there.  I should mention here that she turned up to work in what can only be described as an LBD.

While I dealt with something she bent over to pick up something she had dropped and Jesus H Christ there was a view and a half.  I said to her

“Jesus woman, I just don’t know where to look when you do that! Don’t do it again or I am going to be incredibly distracted and lose my train of thought!

So what did she do about ten minutes later….yep, you guessed it Netty.  This time I just went with “Well if you insist on doing that, I am going to check out your arse at every opportunity.  Fair warning hun.” Pretty certain I had a massive grin plastered across my mug when I said that.

Now, from my knowledge of body language and sales technique, this chick broke the intimacy barrier by creating physical contact.  Hand on the back, hand on the forearm, hand on my shoulder.   What made me laugh was when she butt-checked me out the way down a narrow bit, so when she did it again I slid my arm around her waist and basically blocked her from going past, even when she was trying really hard.  I carried on doing my calculations and just laughed.  In the end I let her go, but only after she gave me a little pout.

Now Netty, you are a girl.  We all know this.  Am I imagining this or is she being flirty with me? Am I being weird and seeing things that are not there, or is she just being a little flirt? Or maybe a little attention whore? I know I am absolutely reading into this far more than I should.  But screw it.  Any form of female attention is greatly appreciated, I mean with the level of insecurity I have at times I am surprised I am not just a giant neurotic ball in the corner rocking away mumbling to myself.

Bleurgh, I have to go to the Drs now.  Laters on chick.