Fun Socks!


So I wrote a post a few weeks ago about the new bits I bought (will link here when I’m at home), including these socks! I mean come on, I am wearing navy chinos and brown shoes, I clearly should have not worn socks with a black stripe in them. Such a rookie mistake, should have got something with navy in it to match…I’m such a good sometimes.

When I wore the yellow and black ones a friend of mine said my ankles looked like I was a bumblebee to which I responded

“Freedom is the right of all sentient beings “

Now I may not be quoting the correct person there, but he is a massive geek, bigger than me when it comes to comics and the like, but it took him well over 20 minutes to work out where he had heard that phrase before. Do you know who said it Netty? Of course you do, you know everything. Silly me.

That’s all for now, I’m sure I will post something today or tomorrow, because I HAVE A DAY OFF!!!!!

Work to live, don’t live to work right? All I seem to do is work and sleep. Lame.



Vikings Vs Steelers

Steelers Vs Vikings

Did I mention the fact that I saw a whole bunch of Vikings fans at the station today??  That was odd for me.  I used to see American Football Jeresys around my uni all the time as the American Football team was quite popular, and the guys were a right laugh.  Not to mention the cheerleading squad girls….Jesus H Christ.  Those girls were seriously hot.  That said, have you seen the Vikings Cheeleaders?!


Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader Squad

Well *clears throat*, they are rather delectable are they not! The Dallas Cowboys girls and the Buccaneers are pretty damn hot too.

I am not big into the sport, nor do I really follow any sports, but I do appreciate good physical form, regardless of gender.  Seriously though, the legs on those girls go on forever.  DAMN!

Just showing some love for our cousins across the pond.  I know you ladies love a British Accent, so maybe if I ever pop over I might have a chance of scoring a touchdown rather than getting sacked! Don’t act like you aren’t impressed by my use of American Football nomenclature, I know you are.



Working and Stuff

Today I was on an early at work, and I had to get a taxi in because my train was running late and if I got it I would have been late. I have been very productive today, getting a lot done and prepared for tomorrow.

Towards the end I did end up flagging and had to open a box 4 times after sealing it because I kept forgetting to put things in there. Very annoying to say the least, and a real waste of tape to do so.

One of the girls came in and was hungover. She sat down facing the pc and I laughed, putting my hand on her head, with the intention of squeezing it and being mean. What I actually did was start to massage it instead and she literally just became putty in my hands.

“Oh my God that actually feels amazing. Don’t stop that is just the most relaxing thing.”

Using just one hand I did that to her scalp and then the back of her neck down to her shoulders. Cue soft mmm’s and ahhh’s. She slumped and just became a ragdoll. It was really funny to me. One of my colleagues walked in and looked perplexed, but made a joke and left. I did it for about ten minutes then stopped and said I had to carry on with some other tasks I had. She said :

“I had no idea you were so good with your hands”

I laughed and replied:

“I’ve sent women to sleep with massages before, I’m pretty good with my hands. Also, that was only one hand, I don’t think you could handle two. “

She’s a lovely girl. We get along well and she has such a lovely personality. She made a comment which asked about my taste in women and sneakily compared herself to my type. Yes, she fitted it partially. But she is in a long term relationship so no. That is a no go Netty.

I’m waiting for my mum to wake up and get out of my room. Lord knows why she has decided to have a nap in there instead of her bed, or her chair, or the couch. Apparently going into my room and my bed to take a nap is what she deems a wise idea, after I have been awake 14 hours, worked 11 of those and am tired. Yeah, nice one mother.

Any who, better do something more productive.  Like eat something. Peace out home slice.



Super Saiyan


I think this picture is relatable to me because it speaks to me on several levels.

To start the slogan is a derivative of the original “Keep Calm and Carry On”. This slogan is used to describe the typical British mentality of just getting on with it even if the situation is not the best at that point in time. It could be seen as a dated, stereotypical view of the British, but I think it is still true within the majority of society. As a British male I identify with this idiom.

The image in the background is of Goku, one of the main characters in a anime called Dragonball Z. He is from a planet which no longer exists and is one of the last remaining members of his race which are called Saiyans. He has the ability to power up and go from being “normal” with black hair and brown eyes, to what is called a Super Saiyan, which have blonde hair and blue eyes. This power is unique to his people and makes them incredibly powerful. It could be argued that he is the most powerful fighter in the Dragonball universe, because naturally Saiyans are a warrior race, but he is up there as one of the most powerful in existence. He has saved the universe a few times, so that is nothing to be sniffed at.

I relate to the image as they push themselves so hard physically to become the best, but it is the emotional boundary which tips them to become great. Anger is a powerful motivator in the series for multiple characters to become Super, Ascended and SS3. (being a purist here and only using the forms drawn by the original artist and accepted by him). Anger at loss; anger at others beating you; anger at loved ones being hurt; these all come as motivators to push Goku and other Saiyans to transform and become even more powerful forms of themselves.

I adore this because anger is a great feeling. When you push yourself because you are angry it can have great results. Maybe not the most sensible, but great nonetheless. I relate because I can be an angry person, and also because this is one of my favourite shows growing up.

I wanted to sound intellectual, but that takes too much effort and I cannot write like that without thinking really hard and having patience. Hope you like the poster and the little post of how I relate.

If you read this drop a comment, I’m curious as to how many actually read my posts. Only about 3 people at a guess.



DO NOT Guilt Trip Me

If you want me to switch on you, this is a guaranteed method to make me do it.  Guaranteed.

I can be played, that much is easy enough, if you leave the undertones there I will read them.  If you are female and do one of my weakness moves I will do what you ask.  If you dare to try and guilt me into some sort of action though, there will be a incredibly negative and usually aggressive response.

My “friend” just tried to guilt me by text.  “I’m sure you will text me when it next suits you”.  Oh so you want to throw more sarky comments my way? Want to make me feel bad for having my head in a bad place and trying to sort my life out, while you and your boyfriend get a house together and you have a new job which you enjoy? Really, you want me to start giving a shit now when you ditched me for him? After the insensitive actions and plain idiocy of your behaviour has been of late.

She got a piece of my mind just now and I don’t think she has quite seen me do that before.  I have switched on her maybe two or three times in the 8 years I have known her, but this time I think I am done with her.  I just cannot be bothered with her crap anymore, I just cant.

Another friend gone, great.  I seem to be dropping them like flies lately.  It is not me, it is them.  Well it is me, my tolerance for people has dropped, but I am convinced people around me are just becoming more idiotic and I have less patience for them than I once used to.

Another pointless post brought to you by the waste of time blog that is My Mental Stream.  Enjoy.


Stupid Data Boundaries, Phone Screw Ups and Other Stuff **RANT**

Basically this is going to be a first world problem rant, nothing that actually matters but it has annoyed the hell out of me so I am going to write about it.

I got a call from one of the girls at work today telling me she is ill and if I could come in and cover.  I said yes, because then I will have 5 hours lieu time I can take, she looks rubbish and everyone knows that she was a stupid mare for coming in after going to a wedding reception last night and getting completely and utterly hammered.  She bugs me, but I have to work with her so I am nice enough, but you could have gone and moderated your alcohol intake, or crazy thought here, NOT DRUNK AT ALL!

Stupid person.

For the last 5 or 6 days my phone (Samsung Galaxy SIII) has not been connecting to my home WiFi.  This is a pain in its self because I use my phone a fair deal to surf and stream and for all sorts of data based uses, so using the WiFi is better than rinsing my limit in a few days (2 gig I think, but I use that very quickly).  So guess what? I reached my data limit last night, and with no WiFi I had to use my laptop (where wifi is fine) and do things on there (oh, cant use his new smartphone, so has to use is laptop, it is so hard) I said this was a whiny first world rant so get the hell of my back dickhead.

I thought that maybe if I updated my firmware it might kick start my phone into liking the WiFi again and maybe everything will be hunky dory.  Guess what? HOW ABOUT NO! Updated firmware, now cannot remember or access my apps on my phone to update those again because i cant remember my password, oh and still cant access the WiFi and still have no data to be able to access crap to surf on.


I realise I could write a satirical piece on the fact I depend on my phone more than I should, or how mobile phones are now so much more than simple devices used to call and text people, but I simply cannot be bothered, nor do I have the patience or wit to be able to come up with something so droll.  So my phone is just a phone now until my next bill and it will be restored, or I can pay for more (that is not happening).

MY phone WiFi still does not work, I have to go into work at 3:30 to help out, I cannot be bothered to be a good person today.  I haven’t texted either of the girls back from last night because simply put, I don’t want to speak to them, let alone meet up with either of them for a catch up.  I apologised to another friend because I was an absolute Dick with a capital D to her, but I still feel crappy about it and am thinking about maybe just walking away so that I stop being an ar*e to her, and I still have this other girl messing with my head even though she is so very much with her partner and they are really very serious about their relationship, even if he is an ar*e in my eyes.

Generally, annoying myself, things are annoying me and I have little patience.  Oh, and my mother is getting back from a weekend with 2 of my aunts, so you can guarantee this will bring on more guilt trips, more talk about responsibility, more talk about money and more than likely more talk about religion and duties I must perform.  Oh and my step dad is being a bit more of an ar*e than usual.  I keep having flashbacks oh memories of things I did when I was younger of when I thought I was being really helpful with things, when I look back I see as an adult I was just being played, a 16 year old being played on his guilt to help and to do his best for his family.

At least last nights kebab was really good.  I like that.  As I said to my friend a couple of nights ago

“Give me a whiskey or a blowjob, don’t care which one, but get me one now”

Fuck it, I’m Out.

No idea…

Today just feels rubbish. I managed to get a half decent night sleep, but I was tossing and turning  alot of the time.

The previous two nights I have been drinking with my friends. Wednesday night we had a couple of bottles of red, and Thursday several double jacks. Wednesday night was great fun, but Thursday I was just not feeling. The atmosphere in out final destination was off.  No matter how positive you are, you would need alot of alcohol to feel at home somewhere like this.

Ended up having a very very long chat on our walk home and my friend poured his heart out bless him. He knows what he has to do now, but whether or not he will is a different matter.

I knew this would be the effect if I drank alcohol. I usually have a come down post drinking, and I think it has arrived. I also had some conversations which didn’t quite go to plan. I think this has thrown my mood as well.

Today I put an amusing anecdote on Facebook about me dreaming about many varieties of alcohol and deciding which to drink. I did not mention the fact that I woke up tasting jack Daniels in my mouth and that the bottles were talking to me and telling me to drink.

When I posted this a friend of mine had commenting asking we are going to meet up for a coffee date. I reminded her of the fact that I have messaged her and she didn’t bother to reply, so it is all in her court as to when we meet.  Queue another female friend texting me saying
“oh so you make time for xxx but don’t make time for me”

What I wanted to do is scream at her that since she got a boyfriend she has basically ditched me as a friend and I made so much effort with her to try and keep our friendship going. But I’ve just run out of patience. She’s nice, and I’ve known her a long time. She got me out of some tough times, but I know too many dark secrets of hers. If she wanted to try and get bitchy I would ruin her, but I’m not that guy unless pushed.

In a way I know that my trust of her is iffy. She knows of this blog, but does not have the address. 6 people have it; 3 guys and 3 ladies. She is not one of them.

It is a shame we have drifted, but when we do meet she only ever talks about  herself. It is doing my nut. I talk about myself in here so I don’t have to out there. That’s my method though, I can’t expect eceryone to me like that. Still, I just can’t be bothered with her.

In truth I am really only making an effort to go out because I will only have my friend around for a little while before he goes to study for his PhD. After that I will just become a recluse again. But that’s ok right, because people suck.


3AM – Busted

I think I must have been 12 or 13 when this came out, maybe 14 at a push, so between 2001-2003.  I loved this song.  I loved Busted.  I had all their albums, I knew all their lyrics and I loved every second of them.  They just made good music.  Some was funny, some actually made sense to me on a level that someone that age would understand.  This popped into my head after messaging a friend at 3am.  Well, it actually popped into my head now as I thought of this friend and I thought I would give the song a listen.

That certainly stirred up some old memories and feelings, that much is for sure.




Drunk texting is an absolute mistake which you should avoid at all costs. There is someone who I really want to text and talk to but I know it would be a very bad idea for me to do so, so you, Netty my darlinf are going to full in for her and any other person I feel I should text.  By doing so I will disturb no one
, I will offend none of my friends and most importantly I will not make a jackass of myself in front of anyone who I like.

I did email a friend of mine at this juncture, but that was only because my phone picked up their emails hours after they sent it. I replied immediately but I feel the damage may already have been  done.

I have shared two bottles of wine, along with drinking ouzo, which had the aniseed removed from the flavourings which made the alcohol taste if that is even possible. But I still necked it it one because I ain’t no bitch. You take your challenges on the chin, and after talking to my friend about sex, he knows I am right. You take control and you make the situation your own. Of only I could apply that to real life rather than just the bedroom..

Anywhooo I shall bid you bonne nuit and be on my way. Hugs to all y’all