Not sure what is going on with this. Makes me think of some sort of geometric,day of the dead, weird I need more sleep kinda thing. Clearly I am much better with words than I am with drawing, but what they hey, my blog, my rules!!



I would embed the link normally but I do not seem to be able to this time.  This is a remix of Britney Spears and Will.I.Am’s track Scream and Shout.  This is an official remix and the beat is dirty.

Dirty, dirty, dirty.

10 points to whomever can guess what kind of emotion this evokes in me 😉



Alice and The Cherry Blossoms

She looks up and sees them falling all around her. Her hands reach up and catch the falling blossoms; pink and white and beautiful in her hands. Spinning around in wonder her dress floats on the breeze much like the cherry blossoms falling all around her, a beautiful pink rain.

She falls over dizzy and giggles to herself, then starts to collect the blossoms together into a little pile. With them she then starts to write her name.


She feels like she is in wonderland looking out at the view in front of her. Fields of green grass, trees and cherry blossoms floating into the distance. Blue skies with wisps of white clouds and the sun warming her skin on this pleasant afternoon. The peace and quiet, the beautiful scenery and wonderful weather; what more could she possibly ask for? She un-crosses her legs and lays down looking up into the sky at the birds and the blossoms. Today is a perfect day. The world is a good place.

Hectic Few Days

These are probably not hectic by a busy persons standards but for me this is pretty bad.

I start work at 8, finish work at 6 then have my work meal at 8. By the time it finishes and I am home will be 10:30 at the earliest. I’m then on the early tomorrow morning requiring me to be up at 4am. When I finish at 3pm I need to find time to do 2 applications (at least 1 hour each and I really want these jobs) and go into town to buy a new backpack as my old one is dead now. That said I might be able to get one today at work. After the applications I need to sort out my bag and pack it as I am going back to my old uni!!!! But not before doing the early again on Friday morning. I will be taking my fully packed bag to work with me in the morning, including sleeping bag, then after work at 3pm getting the train straight to my uni. I say straight, it will require at least 2 changes and is about a 3 hour journey. Then I’m out that night as it is Friday, I am back at uni and I want to have some fun!!

It still looks hectic to me, which worries me a little as I thought writing it out would make it seem less and like I am overreacting. The applications are the most important thing on there really, I will lose sleep over those bastards, I already have in honesty. I’m nervous about these ones especially as I really think they would be great jobs for me. A little daunting as I have the grades and then some, but I question my compatibility with the character profiles. Oh well the best I can do is give it my best shot and hope for the best!!

I am rather excited to go back to my old uni and see some old friends. I will be gaming and having fun all weekend that is for sure. Would have been a perfect trio if I had managed Macclesfield, wedding and uni; 3 weekends 3 destinations, 1 massive hangover; MMS does weekends…..coming soon.


Saving Her

Sweat beads at his brow as he pushes against the door. He takes a few steps back, drops his shoulder and charges at it, smashing it down. Shards of wood fly as the hinges are ripped out of the frame and smoke billows into the room.

The flames are licking his back as he runs towards the cot where the toddler is standing and bawling her eyes out. She doesn’t understand all the smoke, the heat, the sirens or why she is being ignored, but she isn’t being ignored now. He scoops her up into his arms and puts her body inside his jacket. It may be a little warmer than she likes, but it is better than the horrible burns she could sustain, the type which are across his back and shoulders now. He looks for a window and lifts it up; a gust of air filling the room and feeding the flames into a massive backdraft. Fire covers the ceiling and block the door. He has to jump, there is no choice. If he wants her to live, he must sacrifice his body for her future. He climbs out the window quickly and jumps, pushing himself away and flying through the air backwards. He keeps her clutched to his chest, she wails louder without the roar of the flames drowning her out.

Even her wails sound beautiful as he falls in slow motion. His only thought is that she is going to be ok. His body will make an adequate cushion, he probably will be paralysed at least, but she will walk away. “She is an angelic little girl” he thinks as his body hits the ground and everything goes dark.

Too Much Energy

Yesterday when going home I had way too much energy for after work. On my train it was empty so I did a bunch of forward and reverse hold chin ups hoping to relieve some energy. Then when walking home I was walking quickly then doing running jumps over puddles like I was some sort of gymnast. Started doing trick jumps like clicking my heels and tucking up into a ball. I think anyone watching me might have though I had completely lost my marbles.

Today I am feeling exactly the same way; too much energy. I just had an incredibly hot girl just bend over infront of me with the most spankable backside! Perfectly timed I have Akons “Sexy Bitch” playing in my headphones. I hope I get to do something physical, but I know I have paperwork to do. Maybe the large tea I have sitting next to me is a bad idea seeing as I am already bursting with energy. Ah well, I have bought it, I will drink it. Would be a complete waste of money otherwise. Hope all are well out there and if you need some energy here is a barrel of my spare, feel free to take some. Just take the bucket, fill it up then pour it over your head. Magical energy will be absorbed into your body and you will feel rejuvenated. Warning: If female you may also find yourself slightly pregnant if you do not use contraception 😉


If I Were…

A friend of mine posted this and I thought her answers were brilliant! I shall not be linking to her as she does not like that, but I want her to know that she has inspired me.  I especially like that she chose to be a unicorn.  I can imagine that and her speaking the catchphrase of her old blog.  Here goes!

If I were a politician I would be

Chancellor of The Exchequer.  Or Foreign Minister.  Or possibly Secretary of Defence.  I would be high powered, I would be caring about other people in a high level capacity and I would be looking after those that I can using the maximum ability of my powers.

If I were a pop star I would be

One of the guys from Lonely Island; a bit odd but amusing and creative.

If I were a film star I would be

I would like to say Bradley Cooper or possibly Brad Pitt, but my friends will agree with me here and put me as Will Smith.  Too many times have I been compared to Alex Hitchens from Hitch and Mike Lowry from Bad Boys.  “Don’t hate the player, hate the game” 😉

If I were in a soap opera I would be

JD from Scrubs; smart yet insecure, terrible with women at times, caring to a fault and prone to bouts of utter stupidity.

If I were a writer I would be

A kids writer, or possibly a poet.  Benjamin Zephaniah is a rather talented man.

If I were a book I would be

A romance novel wrapped in the exterior of an action book.  Something like a Jack Higgins novel a little. Or possibly some straight up Mills and Boon, but without the “story” and in considerably more detail.  Yes, I could have said 50 Shades here, but that is trash, and I can write much better than that.

If I were a TV host I would be

Ant AND Dec. Yep, I’d be two people.  I am that nuts.

If I were a criminal I would be

a white collar criminal.  Probably embezzlement or insider trading going by my qualifications.

If I were a religion I would be

One which prescribes peace and harmony to all, but to smite down ones enemy.  Probably Buddhism

If I were a mythical beast I would be

Dragon.  With an ice lung and a fire lung.  Big and scary and powerful, yet a big softie really.

If I were a Disney character I would be

Raja from Aladdin.  A sexy tiger who loves and protects his princess.  Also my best friend would be a flying rug which is AWESOME!!

If I were a drug I would be

Heroin.  Once you have had a taste you just want more and more.  Or marijuana; I leave you in giggles 😉

If I were an animal I would be 

A Snow Leopard; rare, beautiful and wanted by all.  I’m kidding I’d probably be a housecat.   I like to sleep and have behind my ears rubbed.

If I were a piece of food I would be

Chocolate.  If I were a drink I’d be hot chocolate, and a few people know the reason why 😉

If I were an illness I would be

Mono; the kissing disease 😉 Again just kidding, I’d probably be syphilis; an STI which never really goes away and eventually drives you insane.

If I were a mood I would be

Anger.  That is my gut reaction to what mood I would be, but I guess I would also be soppy or nostalgic.

If I were a holiday resort I would be

All inclusive 😉  SERIOUSLY!! I need to stop doing that! I would be a hot resort with lots of golden beaches, blue sea and coral reefs for swimming/snorkeling/diving, and plenty of bars.

If I were a pattern I would be

Pinstripes.  I love wearing pinstripe shirts, I like uniformity and pinstripes never go out of style; it is a classic look.

If I were a tree I would be 

A willow.  That or the spongy tree, Great American Redwood I want to say; because I would be squishy and everyone could give me a hug 🙂



RIP Backpack

RIP to my faithful backpack. You have been with me for 15 years, ever since that very first camping trip with the cub scouts somewhere I can still never remember the name of. We have had some wonderful times together.

We have been to lovely places like Loch Ness, Edinburgh, France, Belgium, Exeter, Brighton, Canterbury and Somerset. We’ve also been to some not so nice places like Stevenage and Birmingham. But regardless of wherever we have been you have always had my back, oh most faithful of backpacks.

I knew a couple of years ago that when the buckle went on the front that you were on your way out, but I refused to let you go. I knew you had a few more years in you, and by golly did you! I just tied you up and we kept on trucking! Finally yesterday when I went to put you down at the end of another journey your shoulder strap broke, in a way that I knew I could not repair. Even in your last journey you waited right until the end of serving me before giving out. You beautiful backpack you.

We’ve been through good times, we’ve been through bad, we’ve been through sun, snow, sleet, rain and once even a dunking in a river if I remember correctly. Your dark green and maroon canvas has been a dear friend, you have held all my possessions without complaint, even if I didn’t always treat you the way you should have been. I will be loathe to replace you. You shall be gone, but never ever forgotten oh faithful bag. You were the straps beneath my armpits.

RIP Backpack may you have new life in the hiking rack in the sky.

Dear MMS 2 – Ego Boosting Post

Note To Self: Read this and Dear MMS more often when I feel rubbish. It might help.

Hey man,

Been a while since we last talked. A great deal has happened since our last chat, but this little letter is going to be a small ego boost.

At the wedding on Friday you got complimented on your reading and delivery. That wasn’t just by family either! Complete strangers came up to me and told me I did a lovely job and they felt the piece too. Go you!! You should be proud of yourself. Years of self doubt in presenting finally got banished when you had to present to an auditorium of people, so you beat that you can present to anyone, except maybe at Wembley, that might be a little nerve racking!

Not only did you get told you gave a great reading but the next day when your sister called she conveyed nothing but praise from other guests about me to her! I was so sweet and helpful to the new people arriving, funny and courteous too! It sounds like I was a bit of a hit with not only the little ‘uns but the adults too! Clearly you were doing something right dude!

Never doubt the fact that you are actually a pretty good guy. You do care about people, you are always happy to help and with a list you are the master of all that is on there; and everything will be completed **big booming voice with one finger raised in the air**

Yeah, there was that downbeat, and those who know about it know how rubbish it was, but you are a top fella MMS! You did what you did well, and even better, you looked sharp doing it! I managed to make myself as useful as possible to everyone and help anyone who needed it, including the sick people, so we are pretty damn awesome if we may say so ourselves!!

So take heart in the fact you are a good guy! You care, you are awesome and good things will come your way! You have great potential, even if 85% of the time you do not believe it, and you really can make something of yourself, you just need that break. Maybe that break will be coming sooner than you think! It could be just round the corner, or in a little while, but it is coming, and it will make this whole crazy madness worthwhile I hope!

Chin up dude, keep walking and remember that you’re a D! Capital letter. (Few will get that reference, if you do, cool, if you don’t, don’t worry I’m not calling myself a douchebag!)

Big smiles, hugs and kisses
(To yourself, that’s kinda weird isn’t it? It is, yeah, well, fitting really)