Seven Deadly Sins Challenge Day 6: Envy

Envy is another sin I can relate to.  Envy of someone else’s possessions, whether that be someone has a nicer car than you, or someone’s position in life; a person being born in to a very wealthy family, is all very normal in my opinion. Envy is to want another person’s possessions, and wish them misfortune because of it.

People will always want what they cannot have.  I know I certainly want many things which I do not have in my life right now, but I know in the future I one day will own them.  Envy is more associated with wanting material objects that someone else has, but I think envy over the intangible possessions of an individual can be just as powerful.  People always want newer and nicer things, or bigger and better things, and when we see others with them; it is especially common in British culture, put people down for having something better than you.  Say someone got a new car, people would mock that individual saying things like “oh is that to make up for your lack of hardware downstairs?” or “overcompensating much” or even “yeah well, it doesn’t look that great and you look stupid in it as well”.  The put-down culture is fairly normal here, whereas in other places, success of something like that would be celebrated as it shows that yes, your hard work has paid off and yes, you deserve your success as you have worked for it.

Envy of intangible possessions, such as the fact that someone is in love, or perhaps that someone has found peace and is no longer in emotional turmoil, is just as valid a form of envy as tangible possession envy.  I think to want things such as to be loved and to be wanted are important to individuals, as we all want to feel that way, but I did study motivational theory, so it is building on what I have learnt while studying.

With relation to me, I am envious of people having possessions that I do not have, but I do not wish them ill because of it.  I do not necessarily agree with the fact that Kim Kardashian has all the money she has, especially where her “fame” is originally derived from, the same applies to many artists who I may not like their music, but they entertain others.  They have got theirs through their methods, and so I will get mine through my own methods.  My envy will be for those who are super rich, but i know that in my future I will get everything I need, and hopefully a little more of what I would like as well.

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