Seven Deadly Sins Challenge Day 5: Wrath

Wrath is another sin I am partial to at times, more so in my past, but still one of the more fun sins for me. I have a bit of an aggressive streak, acting violently, whether that be physically or with very horrible and slightly twisted thoughts, this would be me acting wrathfully.

In the purest sense of being wrathful would be vengeance for a wrongdoing committed against you or your nearest and dearest. In that way I am not wrathful as I have not physically hurt anyone intentionally in anger. I am more a punch a wall or hit the gym hard until it burns kind of guy. I am wrathful only in thought, but not in action.

As agressive as I can be at times I never really need to get to the point of having to do something physical like fighting someone as the situations are usually resolved through talking or in some cases never talking again. I am not an advocate of violence to solve problems, but I won’t deny that rush of blood when you are seeing red and letting it all out is not undeniably satisfying.

In my head it is a different story all together. A combination of having a very vivid and active imagination, combined with having seen my fair share of gore and violence through films and games has given me a plethora of ideas upon the subect of how to hurt someone if I wanted to. There are with tools, without tools, aliens, animals, nature, and of course good old Dexter style (Michael C Hall show, not genius child cartoon show). I’m pretty sure I’d be committed if someone could ever poke around my head and see what I am thinking, but the majority of people I know probably would be as well, so I wouldn’t be lonely!

I used to be a very angry individual, and anything could set me off, but as I have got older I have learn how to control it and take things a little easier. I think a combination of hormones and being a male made me like that back then, but as I have settled into being more comfortable with myself, so has my view upon the world and my place in it.

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