Seven Deadly Sins Challenge Day 4: Sloth

This deadly sin is another of the top 3 I believe I partake in a great deal, or at least used to considerably more in the past.  To be slothful is to be lazy, or to waste ones talents and abilities through apathy and indifference.  I did this a great deal before, but I am changing that and not being like this anymore, as it really is counter-productive.

I am a reasonably intelligent individual, but my slothfulness was and still partially is today one of my downfalls.  I have written about this before so link here to where I talk about intelligence and laziness.  When I put my mind to it I am a highly capable individual, but laziness combined with self confidence issues leads to a bad place, so I am walking away from that bad place (Craig David is now playing in my head…awesome!)  I am guilty of wasting my talents as it were, but this is changing and I am embracing my motivated side, pushing myself and making things happen.

With being slothful in the classical sense of being just lazy I can say I did this, and am still capable of this now when I have down time to do with as I please.  I can quite happily spend days just laying on the couch or in bed, watching films, playing games, eating junk food and doing sweet FA.  When I say days, I mean days.  At one point when I should have been revising and I felt procrastination was much more important, I put off revision for days watching films, catching up on a few TV series and playing Lego Guitar Hero until I completed it as I really wanted to unlock all of the songs.  You could call that motivated laziness in a way, just motivation directed towards the incorrect tasks!

I think I am a go getter by nature, but my slothful side chains me to the floor with more entertaining tasks and trivial bits and pieces that keep me from reaching my true potential and really getting my nose down to the grindstone.  These shackles are being loosened and removed and this sin I indulged in greatly before, less so now, will eventually be removed and I shall break free from it all together very soon.

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