Seven Deadly Sins Challenge Day 3: Greed

This sin is one I can partially relate to. Greed in the context of the seven deadly sins refers to a greed for money, power and status. I can safely say that in one sense I am very greedy when it comes to money, I could always do with a bit more, but on the other hand I love to buy things for other people and share my wealth when I have it with my friends and family.

When it comes to money I will work like a dog to get it if necessary. I have been known to do 60 hour weeks for weeks on end, overnight shifts, 18 days in a row and 4 shifts in 2 days once to earn as much as I could. When I get that money though it is so much more fun to pay for dinner with family, or go and buy drinks with friends, or just a surprise gift for someone to see them smile is so much better than hoarding it and never spending it. I’m all for saving, but when you have that little bit extra disposable income at the end of the month and don’t want to save it, splashing out on others feels fantastic.

With greed in the sense of power and status, I can say yes I would like more power and status, but I am not greedy about it. I am willing to share power with someone as other people’s opinions can be better than my own, especially if they are more knowledgeable than I. Sharing a status is fine with me as well, as I am pro working in group. I perform my best when I do group work, always have and probably always will. I generally like people so sharing knowledge to help us all get ahead is fine with me, and I am definitely not one to hog the limelight or pretend an idea is mine to get a pat on the head. Dishonesty is not something I approve, and I try to avoid it as much as possible.

I would say I am greedy in the context of wanting more for myself, but it is not for completely selfish purposes of just getting myself ahead. I am greedy so that when I can, I can help out those around me, and treat those who are near and dear to me. It is a little warped, but it is me.