Seven Deadly Sins Challenge Day 2: Gluttony

Gluttony is probably the sin which I partake in the least.  It is about partaking in something to the point of over-indulgence, mainly in reference to food.

I tend not to over eat, if anything I am more prone to under-eating.  When it has come to competitions with my friends on who can eat the most, I am most likely to be one of the people who cannot eat a great deal, and on some occasions been beaten by girls! I swear some of them must have hollow legs though as they ate like two people yet were really slim and not at all overweight…damn them and their high metabolisms!

Of the seven sins which I will be writing about I think this will be the one I have the least personal experience with, thus will not really be able to link it to myself in any way.  I know people who eat a great deal, but that is not through gluttony, more that they are bulky individuals who eat that much purely to sustain their larger than normal muscular bodies and active lifestyles.

The YouTube channel EpicMealTime could be the closest thing to gluttony in my life, but in reality even though they may act gluttonously, they are actually the opposite in their eating.  EpicMealTime put some insanely large and outrageous meals together and the members of this group then go on camera and savagely consume as much as they can for the cameras.  When the cameras are off, they actually have other friends around who they share the food with and make a gathering of it, eating, drinking and laughing together.  So though their videos may depict them in a gluttonous light, they are actually sharing, caring guys.

All in all, gluttony is not a sin I can really relate to, but there are certainly gluttonous individuals out there who do eat more than necessary and the effects of parking in more than you should are fairly obvious, on the outside and the inside.

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