Seven Deadly Sins Challenge Day 1: Lust

Of the seven sins, I feel that this is one of the top three that I indulge in.  Lust is about wanting something more than necessary.  It can take many forms like a lust for knowledge, or a lust for adventure, but it is mostly associated with a lust for all things sexual, and that is what I am going to explore.   I see myself as a fairly highly charged young man, and I suspect like many 23 year old males I have thoughts involving the opposite sex and they aren’t always that I want to go and hold hands and skip through a field of flowers in the countryside!

I am very much attracted to women, I think that they are pretty damn amazing, if infuriating at times.  I most definitely appreciate the female form, but there are certain things that really draw me in when it comes to admiring what I can see.  This varies a great deal, as I have a wide taste when it comes to what I like, but currently I am infatuated with blue eyes.  Women with blue eyes seem to just draw me in like a tractor beam, I just cannot control it.  Add to that a nice pair of legs and a cute bum and I am putty in your hands.  I realise this is turning into a “What I like on a woman” post so I shall get back to my main point.

When I see women I will admit that sometimes I go “Yeah, I would” in my head.  It is not something I am proud of or I am boasting about, it is something I simply do.  When it comes to certain people, past and present, lust is definitely a word which would seem appropriate.  I crave their touch, their voice, conversation and physical time with them, and other things besides that.  I feel like it is almost an addiction and I really don’t like being away from them.  This sounds really staker-ish, creepy and needy when I am writing it down, but seems much nicer in my head!!

Lust could also apply to how I feel about certain famous people I see and all I can think is “Phwaaarrrr”.  This list of people includes but is not limited to Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis, Emma Watson, Emma Stone, Kaley Cuocu, Stana Katic and Nicole Scherzinger.  I don’t go to their houses and peep through their windows but I do lust after them and would probably just lose the ability to talk if I ever met them.

All in all I don’t feel lust is that terrible in the grand scale of sins, so long as you have control over it and it isn’t manifested in you following people everywhere and forcing yourselves upon them.  With today’s celebrity society there is a fair amount of lust in the general public to know about their lives and everyday movements, it has almost become a normal part of life to last after the lives we want or the things we would like.  Lust is not really a sin in my eyes, but I am sure my mind could be changed.

Seven Deadly Sins Challenge

Today I am going to set myself a challenge.  I am going to post every single day, for the next 7 days, without fail.  Punishment for not doing so will be something horrific like no chocolate for 2 weeks or absolutely no fizzy drinks until the end of the month.  I think I should give this a shot with a bit of a challenge for me writing, because I think deep down I am a reasonably creative person.  I may not be able to draw very well but I do have ideas and the best medium for me to express myself is through words.

The subject of the seven day challenge will be “The Seven Deadly Sins”.  Can you see what I did there…7 days…7 sins…come on you know you are impressed!  Each day I will post about one of the 7 deadly sins taking about what I think about this sin and how it affects me.  For clarification for those who do not know what the seven deadly sins are they are:

  1. Lust
  2. Gluttony
  3. Greed
  4. Sloth
  5. Wrath
  6. Envy
  7. Pride

For the history of where they came from click here for a link to the Wikipedia page.  This should be exciting for me, and I hope whoever reads them enjoys my little posts, and maybe has a little insight into me as a person as well.  Day 1 starts today and once I have posted this I will crack on with starting the real challenge! Good luck to me and enjoy!