This morning/afternoon has been seriously productive for me today.  Thus far I have:

  • Cleaned the bathroom and toilet
  • Vacuumed  upstairs and downstairs
  • Cleaned all mirrors and sides around the house
  • Cleared out a whole load of junk from the loft
  • Loaded and unloaded the dishwasher
  • Cleaned the kitchen and wiped down everything
  • Washed two loads of clothing and hung them up to dry

The amazing thing to me is that all of this has been done before 2:30pm! That also includes a 20 minute lunch to eat a pizza and have a quick read of the paper.  You may ask yourself why this is so amazing that I feel the need to write about it; it’s not that big a deal, or even a great amount of work really done for some people.  The reason I am writing this is because all of this was possible because of one small change in my morning routine.  Instead of getting up and turning my laptop on to read the news, I got up and grabbed the vacuum cleaner because my room was dirty.  The simple act of not turning my laptop on changed the entire course of my morning and afternoon, from one of news, surfing the internet and generally doing random bits on my laptop, to being really useful around the house.

I never truly realised how much time I spend online, and today it really hit home how much more I could do with my time if I spent less of it surfing the internet.  I mean I do help out around the house when asked to, or if I see a little something that needs to be done I do it, but this is a whole new level for me.  I have not done this much stuff around the house since I was at university/just after moving home.  According to my parents I was “nesting” when I came home, which in effect meant clearing out my room of a whole load of stuff that was no longer needed, rearranging my room to accommodate all of my remaining stuff, and cleaning everything until it was spotless.

But I digress, the point of this post is that it is astounding how much can be done when you just get up and go.  I am sure I am not the first, nor will I be the last to make this discovery, but with the digital age and everything being accessed through the internet, it becomes very easy to become absorbed and lose yourself and time on here.  I have spent hours trawling through job website and writing applications and the like, and to relax afterwards I will watch a film or play a game or read some funny stuff…and bam, there is my entire day gone on the laptop without even realising.  The online world can suck you in and hold you forever thanks to the massive amounts of information and activities available.  I just need to remember that there is more to do than surf the net, there is a big wide world outside the 15 inches of my screen, not as big as the internet I grant you, but still, maybe I’ll go exploring and do more things out there in the real world in the future.

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